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Journalism and Communication Studies

Journalism and Communication Studies

Journalism at KPU

KPU’s award-winning faculty brings real-world experience in digital journalism right into the classroom. And KPU’s graduates work for some of the top news organizations in the world, including The Globe and Mail, CBC and The Huffington Post.

  • KPU's Bachelor of Journalism program features the full range of storytelling possibilities, including narrative, animation, interactivity, audio and video.
  • Journalism courses range from Multimedia Storytelling to Data Visualization and Narrative Nonfiction to Photojournalism.
  • Communication Studies courses explore the many ways media affect our lives, and how to sort through the constant stream of information that bombards us all.
  • Students who earn the Bachelor of Journalism or who take our courses as electives while studying another major, will get valuable transferable skills that can be put to use in many fields, including using social media and journalistic research skills in a professional setting.
  • Check out what some of our recent grads have to say about the program.

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Click here to learn about the courses required to earn a Bachelor of Journalism.

Any student can take our courses as Arts electives, whether they're getting a Journalism degree or a major in something else, or haven't figured that out yet. Click here to see what courses we offer.

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