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Journalism and communications studies courses run throughout the year. To learn more, see the courses descriptions in the calendar.

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You can also visit the dedicated websites for Citizen Journalism (JRNL 1220) and Data Visualization (JRNL 3165) for more information about those two courses.

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Please refer to one.kpu.ca for published course schedules. The lists remain tentative until the official schedule is released on one.kpu.ca.

PLEASE NOTE: As a small department, Journalism and Communication Studies offers some courses only once a year, and others only every other year. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Journalism or Journalism Minor are therefore strongly encouraged to take these courses when they become available.

The following Journalism courses are typically offered twice a year, in both Fall and Spring:
JRNL 1160 Introduction to Journalism (also offered in Summer)
JRNL 1220 Citizen Journalism
JRNL 3165 Data Visualization

The following Journalism courses are typically offered only once a year, in Fall or Spring:
JRNL 2120 Storytelling: Writing for Journalism
JRNL 2230 Multimedia Storytelling
JRNL 2360 Photojournalism
JRNL 2370 Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

And these Journalism courses are typically only offered every other year, so it's important you take them as soon as you can:
JRNL 2240 Beyond News: Feature Writing
JRNL 3170 Narrative Nonfiction
JRNL 3175 News Reporting
JRNL 3180 Sports Journalism
JRNL 3260 The Future of News
JRNL 3270 Video Journalism
JRNL 3370 Audio Documentary
JRNL 4240 Social Issues Journalism
JRNL 4250 Politics and Journalism
JRNL 4270 Advanced Storytelling

We are hoping to offer a greater selection of upper-level JRNL courses in the near future, but for now selection is somewhat limited. 

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