Bev Wake

BJ (Carleton), MJ (Carleton)
Bev Wake
Surrey Office: Cedar 1055B

Bev Wake has more than 25 years of experience as an editor, reporter, photographer and radio personality with organizations such as the Ottawa Citizen and the Vancouver Sun. Most recently, she served as Postmedia Network Inc.'s senior executive producer, directing sports coverage in newspapers across Canada.

Her team won the National Newspaper Award for sports writing in 2015, for a series on concussions in youth sports. She has attended six Olympic Games, leading Postmedia's coverage from 2010-2016. She completed her bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism at Carleton University, where she was awarded the University Medal in Graduate Studies, as the top master's student (all degrees). Her thesis explored the increased emphasis on computers and technology in public school classrooms.

View here for Beverly's NNA winning series.

Courses taught

  • JRNL 1160 - Intro to Journalism
  • JRNL 2230 - Multimedia Storytelling
  • JRNL 3175 - News Reporting
  • JRNL 3180 - Sports Journalism
  • COMM 1100 - Foundations of Communication Studies
  • COMM 1110 - Television and Social Change
  • COMM 3230 - Sports, Media and Audience

Areas of Interest

Olympic games, sports journalism, media literacy, gender and diversity, social media, citizen journalism, visual journalism, the future of journalism