Paivi Koskinen

BA (Carleton), MA (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
Paivi Koskinen
Surrey Office: Fir 108
Surrey Campus: 604.599.2604
Richmond Office: Main 2445
Richmond Campus: 604.599.2544

Courses taught

  • LING 1100 – Introduction to Language Structure
  • LING 1300 – Languages of the World
  • LING 2120 - Grammatical Patterns in Language
  • LING 2400/PSYC 2323 – First and Second Language Acquisition

Areas of Interest

Areas of specialization
Generative linguistics, morphological and syntactic theory, language acquisition, Finnish language

Areas of research interest 
Finnish language, morphology-syntax-semantics interfaces, lexical categories, mixed lexical categories (non-finite constructions), serialization in verbal and nominal domains, sound symbolism (ideophones), first and second language acquisition, bi- and multilingualism