Future Course Offerings

Department of Music

Please refer to the Registration System for published course schedules. The list below remains tentative until the official schedule is released on one.kpu.ca.

Check out the Spring 2024 offerings with Music Chair Dr Gordon Cobb


CourseSpring 2023Summer 2023Fall 2023Spring 2024Summer 2024
1114 – Introduction to World MusicPPP P
1130 - Music Technology IPPPPP
2020 - Global Drumming & Cultural ExpressionP PP 
2130 - Music Technology IIP PP 
3500 - *Special Topics- Wake up Music Festival   P 
3653 – World MusicP  P 
4602 – Music Video ProductionP    

   * MUSI 3500:  Special Topics - The Wake Up Social Justice Music Festival

      Short Description:

      For the first time ever, KPU Music is pleased to offer this interdisciplinary course to all KPU students. Learn how to produce, organize, run, and document a music festival!

      The Wake Up Social Justice Music Festival



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