Claudio Vidal

BA (Chile), MA (UBC)
Voicemail: 9276
Surrey Office: Main 3850H
Surrey Campus: 604.599.2481
Langley Office: 2015
Langley Campus: 604.599.3357

Courses taught

  • SOCI 1125 Introduction to Society: Processes and Structures
  • SOCI 2225 Canadian Society
  • SOCI 2270 Sociology of Education: A Critical Perspective
  • SOCI 3320 Global Inequalities
  • SOCI 3385 Demography
  • SOCI 4225 Advanced Topics in Canadian Issues

Areas of Interest

Political and economic sociology; social theory; globalization and issues facing developing nations, particularly in Central and South America; biotechnologies and globalization; community and democracy; and the resistance movement in Chiapas, Mexico.