Fabricio Telo

Fabricio Telo
Surrey Office: Main 3850H

Prior to joining KPU's Sociology Department in the Fall 2021, Fabricio served as a sociology instructor at the Federal Fluminense University in Brazil. He completed his Master of Arts and PhD in Social Sciences at the Federal Rural University in Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ), Brazil, where he joined the Centre for Research, Documentation and Reference on Social Movements and Public Policies in the Countryside (NMSPP/CPDA/UFRRJ). As an awardee of the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program, Fabricio went to the University of Victoria, Canada in 2018 for a PhD exchange program that focused on transitional justice. Following his passion for public scholarship, Fabricio has been contributing to Brazil's Peasant Truth Commission, raising public awareness on the history of the Brazilian military dictatorship of 1964-1985 and advocating for agrarian reform and reparation to victims of violence in rural Brazil.   

Areas of Interest

Rural and political sociology; social movements; the agrarian question; authoritarian regimes; political violence; transitional justice; business and human rights; and post-colonial and Latin American studies. 

Scholarly Work