Ryan Higgitt

MA (Concordia), PhD (Queen's)
Ryan Higgitt
Surrey Office: Main 3850C
Surrey Campus: 604-599-3079

Areas of Interest

Modernity, globalization, global development, colonial history, South Asia, science, human rights, scientific notions of 'human'. 

Scholarly Work

  • Higgitt, R. (2020). Neanderthal and the Fossilization of the ‘Third World’. Social Studies of Science. 51(3):439-462.
  • Higgitt, R. (2015). Social Protection, Human Rights, and Please. Development. 58(4):564-570.
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  • Higgitt, R., and M. Islam. (2013). “Colonialism, Casteism and Development: South-South Cooperation as a New Development Paradigm.” Working Paper No.112. UNDP.
  • Higgitt, R. (2011). Habermas’ Communicative Rationality and Artificial Intelligence. Culture, Theory & Critique. 52(1):101-118.
  • Higgitt, R. (2011). Women’s Leadership as a Poverty Reduction Strategy: Lessons from Bangladesh. Journal of South Asian Development. 6(1):93-119.
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