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Brewing & Brewery Operations — New Students

Welcome to the Brewing & Brewery Operations Diploma program!

Brewing & Brewery Operations — Student Information for Fall 2023

For general information on NEXT STEPS, including how to check your registration time, registering for courses, paying your tuition, and buying textbooks, visit the Newly Accepted Students page. 

1) Year 1 Students

Welcome! We’re so glad you decided to join us and that you're embarking on an exciting start to your brewing career! 

The first step is to register for each of your required classes (see 'Time to register?' below). You can then go to and log in with your Student ID and PIN to access the Moodle teaching sites associated with your courses. Your instructors will communicate with you through the program Moodle sites with more details and what to expect once classes start in September. 

It is important that you register in specific courses and sections as a full-time student.  This means you'll be with your class cohort, avoid registration conflicts and have all the necessary prerequisites to continue to the next year of the program.

If you are still waiting on transfer credit, are unsure about the status of your transfer credit, or have not yet requested transfer credit, please speak with an advisor about transfer credits for classes such as ENGL, CMNS, CPSC, CBSY, INFO and PHIL.

Here is a snapshot of your weekly Fall term schedule:

Brewing Fall 2023 Year One Schedule

Time to register?

Log-in to your Online Self-Service Account. Select/choose Student Menu, and select/choose Registration.  We're providing you with the CRNs below so you can make sure to register in the correct sections. Now it's time to start adding your CRNs!

CRN Course Section Name Note
32188 HOPS 1100 L10 Introduction to Brewing  
35980 HOPS 1105 L10 Brewing 1 Choose either L10 or L11
37109 HOPS 1105 L11 Brewing 1
35995 HOPS 1110 L10 Sensory Evaluation & Ingredients Choose L10 plus one lab section, either L01 or L02
35992 HOPS 1110 L01 Sensory Evaluation & Ingredients Lab
37110 HOPS 1110 L02 Sensory Evaluation & Ingredients Lab
32211 HOPS 1212 L10 Brewing Chemistry Choose L10 plus one lab section, either L01 or L02
32264 HOPS 1212 L01 Brewing Chemistry Lab
36001 HOPS 1212 L02 Brewing Chemistry Lab
??? CMNS 1140 ??? Introduction to Professional Communications  

Once you've added all of your course CRNs, click SUBMIT. Your tuition and fees will now be updated. You can check your balance in the Student Menu area, as well as print your timetable with room numbers. If you experience issues while registering, please contact

Get Prepared
We want to ensure you're ready for September, so the Brewing Department has teamed up with the KPU Learning Centre to provide some amazing support systems.  Whether it's been a while since you attended school, you want to brush up on your study skills, or you want to test your math and chemistry aptitude, the Learning Centre has it all. 

As well, every August, the Brewing department also runs a Brewing Chemistry Basics course to help prepare first-year Brewing students for their chemistry classes. The course is taught by Brewing instructor Martina Solano Bielen and will run August 22-31. For more details and to register for this continuing studies course, visit


2) Year 2 Students

Welcome back! 

We hope you’re all safe and healthy and have been able to enjoy a beautiful summer. 

Remember, it is important that you register in specific courses and sections as a full-time student.  This means you'll be with your class cohort, avoid registration conflicts, and have all the necessary courses to complete your program.   

Here is a snapshot of your weekly Fall term schedule: 

Brewing Fall 2023 Year Two Schedule

Fall 2023 Registration Information:

CRN Course Section Name Note
36003 HOPS 2305 L10 Brewing 3  
36002 HOPS 2314 L10 Advanced Finishing & Packaging Choose L10 (lecture) plus L01 (lab)
36006 HOPS 2314 L01 Advanced Finishing & Packaging Lab
32354 HOPS 2315 L10 Calculations and Recipe Formulation  
32355 HOPS 2422 L10 The Brewing Industry  
??? PHIL 3033 L10 Business Ethics  


If you have questions or concerns about program completion, please make an appointment to see an Advisor.