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Brewing Chemistry Basics | Online

Whether you're preparing for first-year brewing science, are an avid homebrewer or simply like geeking out over beer, this Brewing Chemistry Basics course will help you understand the chemical foundation of beer and the science behind it.

The KPU Brewing Chemistry Basics course will be offered online and consist of four live evening classes, as well as additional online learning. The instructor will also be available for pre-booked, one-on-one support during scheduled online office hours. 

The Basics course will cover applicable brewing chemistry topics, such as concentrations, dilutions, acids and bases, pH scale and acid-base reactions, along with solving different problem sets. 


  • Periodic table
  • Atoms and ions
  • Unit analysis
  • Molarity
  • Calculating concentrations of brewing salts and additions
  • Dilution/concentration of wort/beer
  • Dilution of brewing chemicals
  • Acids and bases
  • Conjugated acid-base pairs
  • Acid strength
  • The pH Scale
  • Calculating pH and pOH
  • Acid-base indicators
  • Acid-base titrations
  • End point vs equivalence point
  • Caustic detergent strengths
  • Total acidity of beer

Learn how to:

  • Convert units
  • Calculate solution concentrations (salts, sugars, additions)
  • Measure pH levels
  • Use titration-based kits

Who should take this course: 

  • New KPU Brewing Diploma students
  • Homebrewers
  • People working in the brewing industry who want to learn more about the basics of brewing chemistry
  • Anyone interested in learning more about brewing science 

IMPORTANT: Students will need to have a laptop, tablet or personal computer and access to the internet via WiFi or other source, to participate in this class and access KPU services.  

Your instructor, Martina Solano Bielen, M.Sc., is an award-winning brewer who is passionate about brewing science. After completing her Masters of Science at McGill University, she went on to study Brewing Microbiology at the Siebel Institute for Technology and also received her brewing diploma from the Institute of Brewing and Distiling (IBD). Martina currently teaches full time in KPU’s Brewing and Brewery Operations Diploma program. For more information about Martina and the KPU Brewing Diploma, visit


Dates: Mon & Thurs | Aug. 23, 26, 30 & Sept. 2, 2021
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm live* plus additional online learning
Location: Online
Course Fee: $262.50 ($250 + GST) 
CRN: 70492
Instructor: Martina Solano Bielen, M.Sc.
Questions? Email:

*Live sessions will be recorded so students who miss a class can watch the recording at a later time. However, we highly encourage students to join the live classes so they can interact with the teacher and other students, as well as ask questions in real time.

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