Brewing Chemistry Basics

Whether you're new to brewing, an avid homebrewer or wanting to improve your brewing knowledge for work, the Brewing Chemistry Basics course will help you understand the chemical foundation of beer and the science behind it.

This course covers the fundamental concepts of chemistry in the context of brewing and is designed to help students improve their science knowledge to be more successful in crafting quality beer whether you're already working in the industry, home brewing or just interested in the science behind that pint of craft beer you love. Brewing Chemistry Basics will be offered online over four weeks with four live evening classes, as well as additional online self-study. 

Instructor Bio

Your instructor, Martina Solano Bielen, M.Sc., is an award-winning brewer who is passionate about brewing science. After completing her Masters of Science at McGill University, she went on to study Brewing Microbiology at the Siebel Institute for Technology and also received her brewing diploma from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD). Martina currently teaches full time in KPU’s Brewing and Brewery Operations Diploma program. For more information about Martina and the KPU Brewing Diploma, visit