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How to Register for CPS Courses

Register and pay for CPS courses through our Web Catalogue

Sponsoring Organization: 

If you wish to sponsor an employee and be invoiced for tuition fees:

  1. Complete a sponsorship letter - PDF icon Template.pdfPDF icon Requirements.pdf
  2. Submit the letter to prior to registration
  3. Applications will be processed within three (3) business days, as per our Service Standards
  4. Registration information will be emailed out to the employee


General Registration Process:

Before Registering:

To view or search for course offerings, go to Course Catalogue or Web Catalogue. In the Web Catalogue, searches can be done by:

  • Entering subject, course name or number in top search bar; or
  • View by campus; or
  • View by faculty

To Register for a Course:

  1. Once you have identified the course in the Web Catalogue, click on "Click Here to Register"
  2. Course will be added to your shopping cart
  3. Click on "Shopping Cart" in the top right and then click on "Check Out" (Course(s) can be removed at this point by clicking on the trash can icon)
  4. You will be taken to a Sign-in page where you will have to do the following:
    • For Returning KPU or CPS Student:
      • Click on Grey Sign in Button
      • KPU OneLogin page - enter your 9 digit KPU number and password
      • If you forgot your password, click on "Forgot Password" or contact IT Service Desk at
KPU is launching Unified Login on June 17, 2023.  With Unified Login students will log in to most KPU IT applications using their KPU-issued email address ( or instead of using their KPU ID number or short username. To learn more visit
  • For students new to KPU or first time registering:
    • Set up a new account and enter your first name, last name and email address
    • Review our Data Privacy Policy then click the checkbox to accept
    • Click on "New Account"
    • Follow the steps to complete your account set up - Please fill out all information
  1. On the Payment page:
    1. Confirm the course(s) you are registering for
    2. Enter payment information. Only VISA or Mastercard is accepted.

After Registration is Complete:

  • Check your account to confirm that registration and payment has been processed
  • For first time users:
    • You will receive email confirmation of your registration
    • Your 9 digit KPU ID and Elevate ID will be emailed to you within 2-3 business days
    • After receiving this information, you can register for additional courses

Additional Info:

  • To Sign in to your account, visit Enterprise Sign in to view your registration, confirmation receipt
  • To register for multiple courses, search for additional courses in the top search bar by entering the course name or course code

Need assistance with registration? Contact us at: 

Refund Policy

CPS courses are 100% non-refundable/transferable after registration. Please visit our Policies page for more information on refunds, information and privacy, student code of conduct, etc.