Mandate | CGME

Subaltern Voices, Indigenous Knowledge & Liberatory Pedagogy

Our aim at CGME is to prepare students at Kwantlen for their democratic participation in economic, social, and political spheres as effective, responsible, and knowledgeable citizens/employees at local, national, continental, and global levels.

In order for students to become effective citizens, socially conscious entrepreneurs, and productive employees, they need to have access to a knowledge base that reflects the varied experiences of peoples and groups around the world.

The aim of CGME is to learn from the histories, value systems, identities, cultural practices, shared norms, racialized perspectives, the knowledge systems, and learning styles that define our students, faculty, and staff in promoting critical thinking, social justice, and equality/equity globally and locally.

CGME faculty promote dialogue and reconciliation through critical introspection and debunking of past/present injustices and dehumanizing structures of power.