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Centre for Global & Multicentric Education

Middle East and Islamic Consortium of BC



Sixth Annual Student Conference

Middle Eastern and Islamic Communities across Disciplines

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Conference Centre, Cedar 1205

12666-72nd Avenue

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


The annual MEICON-BC Student Conference provides a space for graduate and senior undergraduate students to examine and explore diverse issues and factors affecting Middle Eastern and Islamic societies and communities from multi- and inter-disciplinary perspectives. This year undergraduate and graduate students from Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, University of Manitoba, University of Toronto, Western Washington University, and University of Exeter, U.K are presenting their research from across disciplines, including history, education, psychology, international studies, and political science in seven sessions.


Keynote Speaker
Dr. Mojtaba Mahdavi

Middle Eastern & African Studies Program & Department of Political Science, University of Alberta

Whither the New Middle East? The Quest for Universalism from Below


Dr. Derryl MacLean, SFU

Dr. Amir Mirfakhraie, KPU



Centre for Global & Multicentric Education, KPU

Deparment of Sociology, KPU

Faculty of Arts, KPU

Coca-Cola Project Funding at KPU

The Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Cultures, SFU

Middle East Islamic Consortium of BC, MECION-BC

Simon Fraser University

University of Victoria


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