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Wilson School of Design

In addition to our certificate, diploma and degree programs, the Wilson School of Design provides relevant, quality educational programming for a variety of learners. Our courses are taught by our qualified faculty and industry professionals. We offer a range of courses, workshops, seminars and programs of study to help you achieve your goals.


Introduction to Sewing
(Sewing Collared Shirts)
FSDP 9037
May 9 - August 12, 2022 (asynchronous & online with optional teacher check-in sessions)

This course is for beginner and novice makers, no previous experience is required!

This online course, taking place between May and August, covers foundational sewing knowledge including how to purchase fabrics and how to work with PDF sewing patterns. Lessons are a blend of pre-recorded video, multimedia, and optional face-to-face online discussion and check-ins. Throughout this course you will be constructing a unisex long-sleeve button-up utility shirt. Course content explores working with woven fabrics, and sewing collars, collar stands, button plackets, pockets, setting in sleeves and sleeve cuffs. All of the online video demonstration tutorials include clear directions and trouble-shooting tips. With this self-paced format, students should expect to spend between two to four hours per week on course content and project work, on a total of 10 topics. Registration will remain open until mid-June.

To be successful in this course you will need:
- Access to your own sewing machine and iron  (a home domestic sewing machine or straight stitch industrial sewing machine will work)
- Fabrics & Supplies to sew your shirt (a supply list will be available for you in the course)
- Access to a printer to print off the PDF pattern and instructions


Open Lab Access
FSDP 9920
June 1-27, 2022 
(9:30am – 5pm Monday & Wednesday | 10am – 3pm Saturday) (12 work days)

July 5-30, 2022 
(9:30am – 5pm Tuesday & Thursday | 10am – 3pm Saturday) (12 work days)

Have you ever wanted to create in a fully-loaded “maker space” that will provide every type of top-end equipment you could wish for? Well, now you can. If you’ve got the skills to use industrial equipment, then we have the lab for you. See below for all the details.

Registered students will have access to designated labs (3960 & 3980) at the Wilson School of Design in a shared space environment. Apparel production and specialty machinery included in the shared spaces are as listed below.

All materials must be supplied by the student. No materials will be provided except thread (fabric, paper, notions, feet + bobbins, tools must be brought in by student). Machine technician or student assistant will be on site to provide non-instructional support as the Open Lab is for independently driven work. All policies and procedures of the Design Faculty and its labs must be strictly adhered to. Completion of the WSD Sewing Lab Shutdown and Basic Safety Training is mandatory prior to accessing the labs. Previous experience using industrial sewing equipment is required.

Apparel Production Machinery Available

Machine Type      Details  Amount Available (SHARED)
Industrial straight stitch    22
Industrial overlock    10
Flatlock   3
Coverstitch   3
Chainstitch   1
Binding Machines Knit only 3
Walking Foot Long arm, binding, regular Varied
Bartack   1
Buttonhole Regular and Keyhole 1 each
Industrial irons   4
Drafting Tables Large (2 seater) 12

Specialty Machinery Available*
*prior certification or training required from the Wilson School of Design

Machine Type      Details  Amount Available (SHARED)
Laser Cutter/Engraver Trotec Speedy 360 1
Seam Sealer Ardmel 1
Heat Press Geo Knight & Co, INC 1
Edge Binding Thermowelder Framis 1
Ultrasonic Welder Sonobond 1


FSDP 9036

Textiles Techniques: Natural Fabric Dyeing
(Fabric dyeing with plant and food stuff etc.)
FSDP 9017
August 8-12, 2022
(9am – 5pm - 8 hours x 5 days)

Learn the art of working with plants and food to naturally dye fabric.  This course will provide participants with a unique and enjoyable exploration of various textile treatments and techniques especially focusing on the use of natural dyes. These techniques will be taught with instructions that make the processes a learning experience not only for the craft itself but also for the history and cultural understanding of these processes and their relevance to the textile work and innovations of today.


Adventure Pack Bag Making
(An Introduction to Pattern Drafting and Sewing)
FSDP 9038
August 15-19, 2022
(9am – 5pm - 8 hours x 5 days)

Learn the fundamentals of pattern drafting and sewing by working your way through making a tote bag and zippered pouch.  Together we will draft patterns for these two bags, discussing pattern drafting basics, and pattern design, and pattern alterations.  Once we have patterns to work with, we will move on to sewing both of these bags covering skills such as selecting and cutting out fabric, working with zippers, linings, seam types and finished, and much more.  Course content will also touch on troubleshooting techniques for pattern drafting and sewing, and tips for building on skills and knowledge covered in the course.


Working with Knits
FSDP 9004
August 22-26, 2022
(9am – 5pm - 8 hours x 5 days)

Participants will spend five days learning new drafting and construction techniques for knits. They will construct knit tops and bottoms from commercial patterns, learning creative finishes for seams, hems and necklines. During group fittings, learn to fit and correct patterns to adapt to different body types and amounts of stretch. A simple pattern will be developed from an existing garment.  Subtraction cutting will also be explored within this course.


Summer Design Foundation Academy
FSDP 9001
August 22-26, 2022
(9:30am – 3pm – 5.5 hours x 5 days)

Interested in learning more about what designers do? Learn from a range of design educators from the Wilson School of Design and create inspiration materials and illustrations, transform shapes into soft objects, and practice photo manipulation through computer programs like Adobe Photoshop.  Each day includes a different design area and projects done at home while working with your instructor.  Each student will build a personalized design portfolio and projects that will be valuable for a future in design.  No previous experience needed ages 12+  Registration will remain open until late July.


FSDP 9037

Thank you for your interest! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at