Basic Electrocardiogram (ECG) Interpretation - for RNs PNUR 9012*

Course Description

This course is for Registered Nurses (RNs).  The basic electrocardiogram (ECG) program focuses on the principles of arrhythmia interpretation and its clinical applications.  Learners will review essential cardiac anatomy and electrophysiology, systematic arrhythmia interpretation, and clinical decision-making related to the prevention and management of patient complications.  This program is designed for nurses who are interested or currently working in a critical care area.

Please note:  Applicants intending to register for Consolidated Clinical (PNUR 1130) are required to show proof of English proficiency.  Please see the Consolidated Clinical website for full details.

Course Format

This is an onsite workshop offered once a semester at KPU’s Langley Campus.  The workshop is held over three Saturdays with the final exam occurring the fourth week on a weekday.

Course Cost

$750.00 CAD, plus GST  (Please note: All Faculty of Health, Professional Studies course fees are non-refundable/non-transferrable.)

Course Grade

Successful grade for this course is Mastery

Learners who are not successful in PNUR 9012, Basic Electrocardiogram (ECG) Interpretations - for RNs may attempt the course for a second time. Learners requesting a second attempt are required to seek permission from the Director, in writing. Learners are advised to contact their Canadian Nursing Regulatory Body for advisement if they are not successful after a second attempt. No exceptions. Please note, there is no appeal mechanism within KPU for students receiving non-mastery.

Entrance Requirements

To be eligible to register, applicants must have both of the following:

  • Licensure with Nursing Regulatory Body
  • Current Basic Life Saving (BLS) Certification

How to Register

Registration is completed via Flexreg.  The course to search is PNUR 9012.

Registration Deadline

Registration closes just prior to the start of the workshop.

Current Course Schedule (Please note: schedule is subject to change)

Current course schedules are available on Flexreg by searching PNUR 9012, select "Course Details", and select "Meeting times".

Text books

Aehlert, B.J., ECGs Made Easy, (Latest Edition): Publisher Elsevier Publishing, St Louis Missouri, USA


Please contact our Program Assistant at 604.599.2232 or email