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Fit Testing PNUR 9001*

Due to COVID-19 Fit Testing at KPU has been temporarily suspended.  Please refer to our home page under "new & events" for alternate sites.


Course Description

Healthcare students are required as per the Health Authorities to have a current N95 fit-test record prior to entering clinical settings. N95 respirators are designed to provide at least 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols (of the .3 micron size) that do not contain oil. Fit Testing is required to ensure that the N95 respirator is providing you the respiratory protection it is designed to provide. Students must undergo fit-testing annually as per WorkSafe BC Part 8, Canadian Standards Association, and manufacturer’s recommendation or if a student experiences changes to the shape of their face due to significant weight loss, weight gain, changes to facial structure, surgery, dentures, scars, makeup, etc. Students are responsible to ensure their fit-test record remains valid and is renewed prior to expiration or if changes occur.  Students must be in possession of their fit-test record card at all times while in the clinical area. Students will undergo fit-testing conducted by a trained Fit-tester using approved fit-testing equipment.

Course Format

Fit Testing is completed by appointment only at the Langley campus room 1853 in the South building.  The process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete using a latex free respirator mask.  Students will bring their completed medical questionnaire to the appointment.  Students must not have had any food/drink/smoking/candies/gum/etc. 15 minutes prior to the appointment.  First step requires students to undergo a sensitivity test for the fit-testing solution (Bitrex/Sweet) followed by education on donning and doffing their respirator.  Fit testing follows WorkSafe BC Regulations Part 8 and Canadian Standards Association Z94.4-02.  There are seven components to fit testing to ensure the respirator provides an adequate seal.  Each component takes 30 seconds to complete.  If at any time the student can taste the solution, the testing stops and the respirator adjusted or resized and the tests begin again. 

Students are responsible for ensuring they follow the fit testing procedures when in the clinical setting.  These procedures include:

  1. wash hands 
  2. inspect respirator for deficiencies and ensure correct size
  3. donn respirator according to manufacturer's instructions (3M 1860S, 1860, Aura 1870+)
  4. perform two user seal checks (positive and negative) each time a mask is donned
  5. do not enter a contaminated area if a seal can't be achieved
  6. do not change sizes without being fit tested for that size
  7. once the seal is achieved, do not adjust respirator
  8. do not touch the respirator as it may be contaminated
  9. prior to removing the respirator, wash hands
  10. remove (doff) the respirator according to manufacturer's guidelines
  11. dispose of respirator according to hospital protocols for infection control
  12. wash hands

Students must ensure they are clean shaven prior to donning the respirator to ensure a proper seal.

The N95 respirator has limitations users need to be aware of to ensure they remain protected when wearing the N95 respirator:

  1. The N95 respirator cannot be used in an oxygen deprived setting
  2. The N95 respirator cannot be used in an IDLH setting which means immediately dangerous to life and health
  3. The N95 respirator cannot be used with any facial hair
  4. The N95 respirator cannot be used if altered, abused, damaged or wet
  5. The N95 respirator cannot be used for protection against vapour or gases
  6. The N95 respirator is a one-time use only and must be discarded after each use or when damaged or wet

Course Cost

$30.00 CAD plus GST - Please note the same fee is charged for the replacement of lost or stolen cards. (Please note: All Faculty of Health, Professional Studies course fees are non-refundable/non-transferrable.)

Students will be issued an electronic receipt once your payment has been successfully completed online via the Flexreg system.  Please include this receipt when emailing the office to book an appointment.

Course Grade

Upon completion, students will be issued a Fit-Test Record Card current for one year.  In the event the fit-test cannot be completed due to the students’ inability to detect the solution, the student will need to be fit tested at an alternate facility via Quantitative fit testing at the student's expense.

Entrance Requirements

To be eligible for Fit Testing, students are not permitted to have facial hair (this includes any facial stubble) at the time of testing. It is recommended that students shave the same day as the fit test appointment to ensure they are clean-shaven.  Students who refuse to become clean-shaven are not permitted to be fit tested by law.  Students who are not fit tested are prohibited entry into the clinical setting. Students must not have smoked, eaten or drank anything (with the exception of water), chewed gum, candies, etc. within fifteen (15) minutes of the test. Students are required to download the medical questionnaire and complete the "student section" and sign the form.  The form must be provided to the Fit Tester at the time of the appointment.   Copies are not available on site.  Please sign the medical form.

How to Register

  1. Registration is currently not available due to COVID-19
  2. The course to search is PNUR 9001.  All available options will appear. 
  3. The seats are sold in monthly segments.  If it shows 0 seats available for a particular month then it is sold out for that month, you will need to select another month or contact our office to determine if additional seats can be added. 
  4. Once purchased, seats cannot be changed for a different month, we can make adjustments at the office if there is availability, please contact us via email to discuss. 
  5. To purchase the seat for fit testing, click on the "add course" for the particular month you plan to attend which will then populate the course to the middle of your screen. 
  6. Then press "register" in the bottom right corner and sign in with your KPU ID and password and follow the on screen prompts to enter your credit card. 
  7. Payment can only be made with a credit card and will time out after 30 minutes so be sure to select the course and process your payment promptly to avoid any issues.  
  8. Payment is required at the time of registration.  If you are not given the option to pay or you experience issues with payment, please contact CPS via email
  9. Once payment is made, Elevate should email a receipt automatically.  If email is not received, please follow up with the Continuing and Professional Studies office at 604-599-2020 to ensure registration was completed.  
  10. Once registration is complete, email our office to book the fit testing appointment. 
  11. Appointments are only booked via email once payment has been made. 
  12. Appointments are not reserved in advance of purchasing a seat for fit testing. 
  13. If you need to change dates once the appointment is confirmed, please contact our office, we need a minimum of two weeks to adjust the appointment.
  14. Be sure to print this medical questionnaire and complete the "student section" and sign the form and bring this completed form to your appointment.  If you do not bring it to the appointment you can't be fit tested.  Copies are not available on site.

Once fit tested, it is also imperative that you retain your fit-test record card.  Duplicates cannot be issued.  The only way to obtain a replacement card is to register and pay again to attend a subsequent fit testing session.   If you are a clinical instructor who would like to arrange a specific fit testing session for your class, please contact our office via email to discuss availability.


Current Course Schedule

Fit testing is conducted monthly at various dates and times.  Once payment is made, appointments can be scheduled via email based on availability.   A minimum of two weeks' notice is required to reschedule the fit testing appointment for the same month.


Please contact our office via email