Health & Physical Assessment: Langley

This course is for both Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).  Using the nursing process and assessment frameworks, learners will develop proficiency in conducting a health history and physical assessment. Learning includes two weeks of online asynchronized learning/prep and then either two days synchronized online or in the psychomotor labs at KPU Langley campus using various levels and types of simulation, thus allowing learners to begin to differentiate normal from abnormal findings in a more realistic manner. Learners will work through a systems approach to physical assessment, learning how to progress from a focused assessment to a complete head to toe assessment and will have the opportunity to practice performing various assessment skills. Learners will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of the registered nurse completing the health history and physical assessment. This is an active learning class and it is expected that learners will be active participants.

Please note:  Applicants intending to register for Consolidated Clinical (PNUR 9130/9034/9020) are required to show proof of English proficiency.  Please see the Consolidated Clinical websites for full details.

Course Format

This is workshop is offered synchronized online or as an onsite course utilizing the psychomotor labs on the KPU Langley Campus, both formats include two weeks of online asynchronized prep. Generally this course is delivered in 2-3 full/partial day workshops.  Learners should expect to spend approximately sixteen (16) hours in the nursing lab/simulation labs and an additional two week of self guided learning activities to prepare.  See current schedule for specific dates.