Introduction to the Canadian Health Care System and Nursing in Canada – For LPNs* (PNUR 9035)*

Course Description

This online course is for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) which provides a strong foundation for LPN nursing in the context of the Canadian health care environment.  This self-paced online course is designed for learners who have, or have had a LPN licensure designation in Canada.  This course reviews the expanded scope of practice for LPNs in Canada that affects the nature of practical nursing in a variety of practice settings. Learners gain an understanding of the structure of the Canadian health care system, the Canadian health care team, and the regulation of practical nursing in BC.  Learners have an opportunity to look at the influence of culture, values and bias and how these shape perspectives.  Emphasis will be on how to implement this knowledge while adhering to legal requirements.  Learners will examine the concepts of what it means to be a LPN in relation to leadership roles (both formal and informal) and explore ethical considerations. Learners will focus on time management for organization and safety for improved patient care and learn the concepts of critical thinking and how to further develop this concept for practical application.  Learners will update their knowledge and understanding of the professional, legal and ethical requirements for reporting and recording patient care (documentation) within the Canadian Health care system.  Issues of mental health and addiction will be explored and learners will increase their knowledge of substance abuse and practice communication strategies and assessment techniques for patients experiencing a variety of mental health challenges.  This course is self-paced and will take approximately 100 hours of self-guided online learning to complete.

Please note:  Applicants intending to register for any Consolidated Clinical (PNUR 9130/9034/9020) are required to show proof of English proficiency.  Please see the various Consolidated Clinical websites for full details.


Course Format

This is a fully online, self-paced course.  The course is approximately 100 hours of self-guided online learning and learners must complete the course by the deadline, extensions are not possible.  The course includes online activities, assignments, tests, and web searches.  Some learners may require additional time for study, dependent upon whether this information is a review, or new knowledge acquisition.  Note: It is recommended learners register prior to the start of the course however, late registrations are permitted up to six weeks after start of the course but this will limit time available in the course.


Course Cost

$550.00 CAD, plus GST  (Please note: All Faculty of Health, Professional Studies course fees are non-refundable/non-transferrable.) 


Course Grade

Successful grade for this course is Mastery.

Learners who are not successful in PNUR 9035, Introduction to the Canadian Health Care System and Nursing in Canada for LPNs may attempt the course for a second time. Learners requesting a second attempt are required to seek permission from our office, in writing. Learners are advised to contact their Canadian Nursing Regulatory Body for advisement if they are not successful after a second attempt. Third attempts are not permitted. No exceptions. Please note, there is no appeal mechanism within KPU for students receiving non-mastery.


Entrance Requirements

To be eligible to register, applicants must have the following:

  • Current Licensed Practical Nurse licensure (pre/post licensure)
  • Foundational LPN knowledge
  • Access to a computer/internet


How to Register

Registration is completed via Elevate.  The course to search is PNUR 9035. 


Registration Deadline

Registration for this course closes six (6) weeks after the start of the course to ensure learners have sufficient time to complete the course.


Current Course Schedule

Current course schedules are available on Elevate by searching for PNUR 9035 and on our home page under "Upcoming Courses". 


Text Books/Course Materials

Reliable Internet access required.  Wi-Fi technology not recommended for quiz/tests.  Online course modality may not be fully functional when utilizing iPads &/or android devices.

The required textbook for this course is  A Concise Introduction to Mental Health in Canada, Third Edition By Emily JenkinsAllie SlemonDan BilskerElliot Goldner; available through the publisher Canadian Scholars (

Learning resources of approximately $100 CAD are an expected requirement when purchasing this course.  Fees are the responsibility of the learner and will be paid to the vendor directly.

It is the belief of FOHPS that these resources are vital and offer exceptional value as the resources are utilized in multiple FOHPS courses.  Students purchase the resource at the beginning of their educational journey for courses and may remain available for two (2) years after initial purchase.  The average cost of the e-resource is about $100 Canadian* dollars which is much less than most hardcover nursing textbooks. 



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