Nurse Ready PNUR 9030*

Course Description

Nurse Ready is designed for both Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) nurses who are seeking additional support for the clinical milieu.  The course is also suitable for Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs). The focus of Nurse Ready is to enhance psychomotor skills, professional communication, as assessment skills, critical thinking, safety and organizational skills. Please note, this course does not replace individual courses with a specific focus. Learners for Nurse Ready are typically returning to the nursing environment after an absence, or currently working and are looking to enhance their competency for a career change and/or need a quick review for other personal reasons. Learners will be provided support and guidance to meet their goals and aspirations with progress reports throughout the course.  This course will provide learning opportunities not typically accessible in short course format and includes access for additional skills practice.  Learners will focus on specific learning topics throughout Nurse Ready supplemented with demonstration and practice. 

Please note:  Applicants intending to register for Consolidated Clinical (PNUR 9130/9034/9020) are required to show proof of English proficiency.  Please see the Consolidated Clinical websites for full details.

Course Format

Nurse Ready is offered over five weeks.  The first two weeks are fully asynchronized to provide sufficient time to prepare for the start of the synchronized portion.  The synchronized portion runs for three weeks, for three consecutive days each week (will be adjusted when stats are included).  The expectation is for learners to access the course website throughout the five weeks. Learners are encouraged to work through course modules and review in advance of each week’s assessments, and this work can take several hours each week in addition to class time. This is a mixed mode course offering asynchronized online theoretical learning with synchronized online learning and self-guided group work.  Learners must access the course website and successfully complete all online learning modules, participate fully in assessments, and execute skills safely.

Refer to the schedule on our homepage or Elevate for dates and times.    

Course Cost

$1,650 CAD, plus GST (Please note: All Faculty of Health, Professional Studies course fees are non-refundable/non-transferrable.)

Cost includes a practice skills lab kit.  The lab kit will be mailed to learner's home who reside in North America.  Those learners residing outside North America will be provided a supply list.

Course Grade

There is no grade assigned for Nurse Ready. Learners may repeat the course without limitations. 

Those learners attending PNUR 9030 Nurse Ready in order to be eligible for Clinical will need to meet the required benchmarks, address any additional learning as identified during their final Nurse Ready evaluation, and have a recommendation from Nurse Ready supporting their pursuit of Clinical.

Those learners attending PNUR 9030 Nurse Ready in order to be eligible for GNIE will need to complete all assignments and tests and meet the minimum benchmarks of 50% in the overall OSCEs category in order for our office to send a letter of endorsement to GNIE Admissions.

Those learners attending PNUR 9030 Nurse Ready to prepare for NCAS are under no obligation to follow the recommendations identified during their final Nurse Ready evaluation, however, learners may need to repeat Nurse Ready should they not meet the required benchmarks for Clinical or GNIE post NCAS.  

How to Register

Registration is completed via Elevate.  The course to search is PNUR 9030.  As multiple options are often available on Elevate, be sure to select the correct course as transfers into alternate Nurse Ready sections are not available and there are no refunds.  

Registration Deadline

Registration deadline is three weeks prior to start of class to permit sufficient time to receive the lab kit.

Current Course Schedule

Current course schedules are available on Elevate by searching for PNUR 9030 and on our home page under "Upcoming Courses".

Based on instructor availability we may add additional sessions throughout the term.  If an added session occurs before your scheduled session, please note we are not able to accommodate moving your registration to an earlier session.  The University reserves the right to add sessions at any time.

Textbooks/Equipment List/Course Materials

  • Textbooks not required
  • Access to a computer and reliable internet required.  Wi-Fi technology not recommended for quiz/tests.  Online course modality may not be fully functional when utilizing iPads &/or android devices.
  • Uniform is required.  If you need to purchase a uniform and you intend to enroll in future KPU nursing courses it would be strongly recommended to purchase a KPU nursing uniform from the KPU bookstore.  However, any uniform will work if you already own a uniform. 
  • Professional Grade Stethoscope required - typical value $100. 
  • Laptop or computer to access online learning modules/videos - iPad and mobile devices will not work
  • Nursing Shoes - please review the "Professional Image Policy" prior to purchasing new footwear.
  • Learning resources of approximately $100 CAD may be a potential requirement when purchasing this course if you do not meet certain benchmarks.  Fees are the responsibility of the learner and will be paid to the vendor directly.   It is the belief of FOHPS that these resources are vital and offer exceptional value as the resources are utilized in multiple FOHPS courses.  Students purchase the resource at the beginning of their educational journey for courses and may remain available for two (2) years after initial purchase.  The average cost of the e-resource is about $100 CAD which is much less than most hardcover nursing textbooks. 


Please contact our office via email

Phone: 604-599-2232