What is a portfolio?

Portfolio Samples

What IS a portfolio?

A portfolio is generally thought of as a large, black zippered container with handles that allows you to carry around project work. Project work generally consists of a variety of visual art and design samples done by you. However, this is a very limited definition of what we mean by “portfolio”.

Think of a portfolio as a way for you to talk about your experience and awareness of design, your willingness to experiment with design or art materials and media.

What CAN be in a portfolio?

Documentation of events or products you have designed, organized, and worked on.

  • Drawings - formal or informal, in studio or on your own.
  • Creative pursuits - art, photography, original craft, design projects, furniture design or refinishing.
  • Drafting - a set of prints and/or originals, CAD drawings, etc..
  • Anything else that “tells” about you, as a demonstration of your design abilities and experiences.