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Are you interested in language, literature, culture or film? By studying English at Kwantlen, you will deepen your knowledge of great literary works, develop your critical thinking skills, refine your reading and writing abilities, and prepare yourself to respond in complex and creative ways to a wide range of social and cultural issues. A B.A. major or minor degree in English will also provide you with knowledge and skills to pursue a wide range of career opportunities and advanced degrees in areas such as education, journalism, professional writing, public relations, community service, and law.

Kwantlen's English Department provides undergraduate courses in a supportive learning environment. Keeping class sizes to 35 or under ensures that students have the opportunity to work closely with instructors who are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects and dedicated to helping their students meet the challenges of university. Outside of the classroom, students can gain experience by taking the skills they learn as English majors into the local community through the practicum component of two of our 4th-year courses.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in English have two options: Bachelor of Arts, English Major and the Bachelor of Arts, English Minor.

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