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First Aid


Cloverdale 604.598.6076 Room 1711 Room 1710
Langley 604.599.3276 Room 1633 Room 1632
Richmond 604.599.2676 Room P 525 (parking level near elevators) Room 1630
Surrey 604.599.2076 Building Birch, Room 112 Building Birch - Room 102
Civic 604-598-5276 8th Floor Room 819 7th Floor Room 709

First Aid Services are provided by the Facilities department for students and staff at each of the campuses. Each First Aid provider is a fully qualified Occupational First Aid Attendant.

Remember: All emergencies must be reported to your supervisor.

  • Telus public telephones with "red security" buttons, are located throughout all campuses. These buttons will put you in contact with Security Personnel. There is no charge for this service.
  • Throughout all campuses, other than Cloverdale, there are yellow boxes with "red emergency call buttons"; these two-way speaker phones are answered by Facilities Support Generalists and Security Personnel, please speak slowly and clearly.
  • Please report all security incidents either to Security or Facilities Personnel.