Awards in Teaching, Scholarship and Service

The positive contributions of KPU’s faculty and staff have made our university the success it is today. That is why KPU employees, current and retired, who have made outstanding contributions and accomplishments are eligible to be recognized through KPU’s Honorary Degrees and Awards policy.

We invite you to explore the outstanding contributions of KPU's most recent award recipients.

Award winners are recognized at convocation. Visit KPU’s Convocation Archives to view past recipients.

  • Distinguished Scholarship Award

    Exemplary teaching is a core element of KPU and scholarship in its diverse forms is integral to that endeavour: the scholarship of discovery, creativity, application, teaching and learning, and integration. KPU recognizes and celebrates outstanding examples of such scholarship. Current or former employees are eligible for nomination.

  • Distinguished Service Award

    Distinguished Service Awards honour and recognize exceptional, long-standing service to KPU and the educational community that it serves. There are two categories of award: staff and faculty. Current and former employees and others associated with KPU are eligible for nomination.

  • Distinguished Teaching Award

    Exemplary teaching is a core element of KPU and, accordingly, KPU recognizes and celebrates exceptional examples of teaching. This award is intended to recognize remarkable teaching as demonstrated by activities such as the development of new courses and curricula, contributions to the scholarship of teaching, development of effective teaching methods, enrichment of the learning environment at KPU, and contributions that improve the teaching of colleagues. Faculty, staff or administrators who instruct are eligible to receive this award in one of two categories: part-time teaching and full-time teaching.

  • Emeritus/Emerita Designation

    Emeritus/Emerita is an honorary appointment for life awarded to a retired employee for distinguished service and academic contributions to KPU and establishes a relationship that is both symbolic and active. The emeritus/emerita appointment recognizes distinguished performance of an employee, honours the employee’s standing of high regard in the eyes of peers and colleagues, and anticipates the continuation of the employee’s academic contributions to KPU past retirement.


These annual awards are administered by the Senate Standing Committee on Tributes (SSCT). Nominations can be made by any faculty, staff member or student of KPU by October 1 of each year. Nomination forms are available on the SSCT Submission Forms site.

Award details: Honorary Degrees and Awards policy and procedure (AD5)