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Committee Submission Forms

Items are normally considered first by a committee and then referred to Senate.
Most submissions are made to the Senate Office for routing to the appropriate committee(s). 
Forms for submissions are listed below by topic and the committee that reviews your submission.
All submissions should include a cover page (click here for the cover page template)
If an item proceeds from committee to Senate, the cover page will be updated by the Senate Office / Committee Chair.

Curriculum Development

Program Development and Change

The process and procedures for the establishment, revision, suspension or discontinuance of programs at KPU is outlined in Policy AC10 and its associated procedures.

An overview of the process and procedures is set out in the Appendix A flowcharts.  

Details are provided in the University’s Guide for Program Development and Program Change.

The forms referenced in the Guide can be downloaded from the links below:

The Senate Standing Committee on Curriculum reviews program changes. The Senate Standing Committee on Academic Planning and Priorities is the first Senate committee to review Program Concepts. You will find submission deadlines for both these committees on their websites.

For more information regarding the completion of the above forms, the governance approval process, or the timeline for making submissions to Senate, please contact Dr. David Burns, Vice Chair of Senate and Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Curriculum, at

Course Development

Reference Documents

SSC Academic Planning and Priorities

SSC Appeals

S Governance and Nominating Committee

Statement of Interest Submissions

To submit statements of interest for senate standing committees

To submit statement of interest for search advisory committees

SSC Tributes

Administrative Support: Senate Office