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Program Review

Principles and Purpose of Program Review

The purpose of program review is to assess the quality of a program and to ensure that all KPU programs uphold the following goals of the 2018 Academic Plan:

  • Offer exceptional learning environments attuned to learners.
  • Increase experiential learning opportunities.
  • Define learning outcomes and methods of demonstrating student capability.
  • Ensure student success and well-being.

Program review is guided by the following principles:

  • Formative: conducted and reported so that program strengths and weaknesses are clearly identified and program improvement can ensue.
  • Participatory: using input from internal and external stakeholders, including students, graduates, faculty, staff, administration, program advisory committees, licensing or accrediting organizations, and employers, as appropriate.
  • Standardized: conducted using a standardized, evidence-based methodology.
  • Strategic: leads to coordinated action that strengthens the program’s ability to achieve its competencies and learning outcomes.
  • Accountable: distributed to the Senate Standing Committee on Program Review and made available on KPU’s Program Review site.
  • Iterative: drawing on previous reviews and recommendations with specific attention to trends and patterns.

KPU Policy AC3

KPU’s educational offerings are reviewed regularly for their educational quality. The University has a systematic process by which educational quality and excellence can be continually improved.

Program reviews at the University are intended to assist programs and the institution to determine and identify specific issues or concerns in order to build on the strengths, and address any weaknesses of programs.

Programs should not be viewed as isolated units within the institution; the program review should be systems-focused. Reviews should examine a broad range of indicators, including curriculum, student and employer satisfaction; faculty and staff perspectives; and resources and facilities.

Excerpt, KPU Policy AC3