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Program Review

Purpose and Principles of Program Review

The purpose of program review at KPU is to assess the quality of our programs and to ensure that all KPU programs uphold the overarching goal of the 2023 Academic Plan: Student Success.

As a public institution, KPU has a duty to ensure and report on the quality of its programs. Program Review is the mechanism by which we practice this accountability, and communicate it to our community. Program Review at KPU is a faculty-led, collaborative, systematic and evidence-based examination of a program’s quality. Program Review allows for a detailed analysis of a program’s strengths and areas for improvement that result in enhancements to the program.  Students, faculty and alumni are all given an opportunity to provide their perspectives during the review. KPU's Senate Standing Committee on Program Review (SSCPR) oversees this process. (see Policy AC3)

Program review at KPU is guided by the following principles:

  • Formative: the review clearly identifies program strengths and weaknesses to ensure program improvement.
  • Participatory: the review uses input from internal and external stakeholders (i.e. students, graduates, faculty, staff, administration, program advisory committees, licensing or accrediting organizations, and employers, as appropriate).
  • Evidence-based: the review follows a standardized, evidence-based methodology.
  • Strategic: the review leads to coordinated action that strengthens the program’s ability to support students in achieving the program’s competencies and learning outcomes.
  • Accountable: program review reports must be approved by the Senate Standing Committee on Program Review and made available on KPU’s Program Review site.
  • Iterative: the review draws on previous reviews and recommendations with specific attention to trends and patterns.

Frequency and Phases of Program Review

Degree programs are reviewed at least once every five years and non-degree programs are reviewed at least once every seven years. Program Review consists of four phases, each of which requires a report to be approved by the SSCPR.

Phase 1: Self-Study

Phase 2: External Review

Phase 3: Quality Assurance Plan

Phase 4: Annual Follow-Up Reporting

The program review cycle is completed once the SSCPR has approved the Quality Assurance Plan. Then next review will start 5 or 7 years later, depending on whether or not it’s a degree program. In the interim, the program works on implementing the Quality Assurance Plan. Implementation of the Quality Assurance Plan is not deemed completed until a program can demonstrate, through Annual Follow-Up Reports to the satisfaction of the SSCPR, its substantial completion.