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Mask wearing is now a matter of personal preference at KPU. Their use in indoor public areas is strongly recommended. [Read more]

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What KPU Students Tell Us

Student Satisfaction Surveys

Every year, KPU conducts a Student Satisfaction Survey. KPU students are asked questions related to their selection of post-secondary institution, education plans at KPU, their course registration and educational experiences, satisfaction with services, as well as their background information (such as age).

Infographic reports on the Fall 2020 Student Satisfaction Survey

Infographic report on the Summer 2020 Remote Learning Survey

The Remote Learning Survey was conducted in Summer 2020. The following infographic summarizes students’ written comments on their experiences and suggestions for improvements.

Infographic reports on the Fall 2019 Student Satisfaction Survey


Infographic reports on the Fall 2017 Student Satisfaction Survey


Graduate Outcomes Surveys

Through BC Stats, BC Student Outcomes conducts a number of annual surveys of graduates. The main findings are available from the BC Student Outcomes Dashboard.

For KPU Faculty and Administration, additional information is available through the office of Office of Planning & Accountability. Please contact