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Enrolment at KPU

FTE Graph

FTE Headcount Graph

FTE - Full-time equivalent (equivalent to number of students taking full course load (not just full-time course load) as of stable enrolment date

Headcount (FTE eligible) - Headcount used for FTE calculations. After the stable enrolment date this includes students who withdrew from the course, as well as students who enroll late. Since the date is based on stable enrolment date for full term, first session (which has an earlier stable enrolment date) withdrawals are included.

Domestic/International - Students are classified as International only if they are paying international tuition rates. Exchange students are classified as Domestic students as they pay domestic tuition rates.


Breakdown by Program Faculty


FTE Table

FTE Head Count

FTE Headcount Table

The trend lines on the right side of each breakdown table (i.e. white lines on blue background) provide a graphical representation of enrolment trends for that faculty or credential type over the last four academic years. The vertical scale of each trend line starts at zero, but the maximum value is specific to each table row. This means that the trend lines cannot be compared to each other. They provide a visual indication of whether enrolment is stable, increasing or decreasing.

The yellow shading in each cell is a horizontal bar graph that displays the relative size of the enrolment within the same column in the table. This provides a visual comparison across faculties/credentials in the same academic year. The cell with the widest yellow bar in the column has the largest FTE (or FTE Head Count) for that academic year.