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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

Health and Safety Information

Welcome to the Occupational Health and Safety Office. As part of the Human Resources team, KPU Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) supports the university's commitment to providing safe and healthy work and learning environments for the KPU community.  Occupational Health and Safety works collaboratively with the university community to promote and maintain health and safety programs that are consistent with applicable legislation and regulatory requirements.

Do you know your safety responsibilities?

Keeping our university a safe place to work and learn is a shared responsibility. Please review your safety responsibilities as outlined in Safety and Health Policy SR7.

Employee Resources

Our Vision

Our vision is to conduct campus activities in a manner which meets and exceeds all applicable safety, health and environmental standards in order to prevent accidents, occupational injuries and illnesses.

Our Mission

The Occupational Health and Safety Department supports the continuous improvement of a safety culture at the University by providing advice, guidance, training, and technical support to the campus community. The Occupational Health and Safety Department will develop, implement and promote programs that will continuously improve the safety of our campuses to prevent occupational injuries/illnesses, protect the environment and assure continued compliance with safety regulation/legislation.