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R. v. Hape - International Law before the SCC
by Noemi Gal-Or

The Supreme Court of Canada recently had occasion to tackle the extraterritorial application of the Charter and the domestic judicial interpretation and application of international law. Shortly thereafter, Hape came to figure prominently in the application for judicial review concerning the Canadian Armed forces treatment of Afghani detainees.

See also:
Case comment: R. v. Hape, 2007 SCC 26”, International Law Bulletin available at, & The Advocate, 66 (6), November 2008


Is the Law Empowering or Patronizing Women? The Dilemma in the French Burqa Decision as the Tip of the Secular Law Iceberg
Religion & Human Rights, 6(3), 2011
by Noemi Gal-Or


In the Shadow of Citizenship - The Elusive Promise Made to Foreign Domestic Workers
by Jessie Horner