KPU Langley Campus Highlights

Kwantlen Langley Campus

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Innovative Highlights

  • Cutting-edge science labs, a botany lab, Venlo-style greenhouses, polyhouses, a 0.1 hectare container nursery, an in-ground nursery
  • A horticulture field lab that has 0.3 hectares of gardens and beds representing a full range of maintenance levels found in residential and commercial landscapes
  • One hectare turf training facility, including USGA-specification greens and one modified soil green that are used for turf management courses
  • Nursing labs that use sophisticated sim technology—a life-sized computer-controlled dummy that simulates the symptoms of various illnesses through changes in breath, pulse and eye movements
  • Brewing Instructional Laboratory featuring a process lab, testing area, and more
  • 250-seat auditorium provides superior acoustics for rehearsals and concert performances
  • Music classrooms, teaching studios and individual practice rooms are specially-designed for music instruction from solo performance to orchestral

Technical Highlights

  • 45-acre site
  • Two levels, 156,000 sq. ft.
  • 900 parking spaces
  • Retail Bookstore
  • Computer labs
  • Cafeteria and Lounge
  • Courtyard areas
  • Library / Study area
  • Wi-Fi network services

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Horticulture Greenhouse

Music Studios / Practice Rooms

Dumais House
Dumais House

BC Horticulture Centre
Horticulture Field Lab

Students in Hallway
Students in Hallway

Horticulture Students
Horticulture Students

Studying on Campus
Studying on Campus