Applied Communications

Why take Applied Communication courses?

Opportunities for Success:
Your success at college or university and in your career will depend in large part on your ability to precisely communicate your ideas to a specific audience. Applied Communications courses will teach you the practical communication skills to help you reach your goals.

Competitive Edge:

Employers want people who can represent them and their companies articulately and effectively. Whether you're working for a company or self-employed, you want to apply your abilities and succeed. Effective communication skills provide the edge that will make you more competitive in the marketplace.

Course Design:

Applied Communications course materials are created by working professionals in their fields. Courses are designed specifically to help you master current Canadian business, professional, and technical communication skills.

Real-world Currency:

To ensure that it remains current, Applied Communications course materials are updated regularly. They are fashioned to meet the needs of the "real world" as well as those of other courses. The course designers maintain connections with the "real world" and ensure that what they provide remains current.

What's our role?

Applied Communications is currently a service department, rather than a program. Thus, we provide:

  • compulsory and/or recommended first-year level courses for many of Kwantlen's certificate, diploma, and degree programs, from Business to Horticulture;
  • first- and second-year level courses, open to most Kwantlen students, some of which offer university transfer credit; and
  • third- and fourth-year level curriculum for specific degree programs.

What can we do for you?

Through our courses, you will learn to apply well- defined skills in both written and oral communication.
Thus, you will

  • become adept at analysing context, message, audience, and purpose—the foundation of effective communication.
  • learn to integrate simple, precise language and carefully chosen visual elements, producing communication that persuades, describes, instructs, or informs.
  • be exposed to technology now essential in the production of business, professional, and technical communication, from word processing to computerized slide presentations.

What courses do we offer?

Applied Communications Department faculty teach a variety of courses. Note, however, that not all courses are offered every semester. You should check the Courses A-Z listing on Kwantlen's calendar page at

Most of our courses bear the prefix CMNS. You will find short descriptions of those courses at

We also teach ENTR 3000 for the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneur Leadership program; that course's description is available at

As well, we teach INFO 3110  for the Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology program; that course's description is available at


Page last updated: January 25, 2015