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Instructors, Applied Communications

Who teaches our courses?

All Applied Communication faculty are professional instructors with extensive experience in the classroom and in the private and/or public sectors.
All sustain their involvement with the broader marketplace, and remain up to date in their field.

Some instructors maintain Kwantlen course web site (CW) pages - also known as Moodle pages - for students registered in their classes. Click here to open a new browser window pointing at the main Moodle course listing page and follow the links to find the course you're interested in. As a registered student, you can also use the My Courses link, once you log on to the ONE.KPU home page.

How do you contact them?

Below is an alphabetized list of current Applied Communication faculty. You can e-mail them by clicking on the respective name.

Some instructors maintain their own "open" Web sites, either "personal" or "Kwantlen related". If the instructor has chosen to make the site's address available here, you may click on the Web Site link beside the instructor's name to link to his/her Web site, which will open in a new browser window.

  • Ashman, Melissa: B.Sc. (Conservation Biology), M.A. (Applied Communications), Provincial Instructor Diploma.

  • Bains, Parm: M.A. (Professiona Communications | International and Intercultural Communications).

  • Basil, Bob: B.A. (English), M.A. (English).

  • Cook Bondy, Robin: Dipl. (Journalism & Public Relations), Dipl. (Adult Education), B.A. (Professional Communication), M.A. (Public Relations), APR (Accredited Professional with Canadian Public Relations Society).

  • Cruthers, Arley: B.A. (Creative Writing, Minor in History with honours), MFA (Creative Writing).

  • D'Angelo, Marsha: B.A. (History), M.A. (History).

  • Duncan, Sarah J.: B.A. (English), M.Ed. (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning - Computer Applications), M.Ad.Ed.

  • Fong, Petti (Peg): B.A. (Journalism), M.S. (Journalism).

  • Francis, Darren: (Department Chair) B.A. (Communications), M.S. (Educations), Ed.D. (Education - Transformational Change).

  • Frank, Andrew: B.A., Hons (Radio & Television Arts), M.A. (Communication).

  • Frymire, Ange: Dipl. (Broadcasting), Dipl. (Urban Land Economics), M.B.A. (Marketing), FCPRS (Fellow with Canadian Public Relations Society) and APR (Accredited Professional with Canadian Public Relations Society).

  • Grant, John: B.A. (Communications), Grad. Dipl. (Business Administration), M.Ed. (Post-Secondary Leadership).

  • Hollaway, Rachelle: B.A. (English), M.A. (English).

  • Maultsaid, Deirdre: B.A. (Communications), M.Ed (Adult Education).

  • Remillard, Chase: B.A. (History & English), M.A. (Communication Studies), Ph.D (Communication Studies).

  • Richmond, Alexandra: B.G.S. (Psychology), M.Ed. (Curriculum & Instruction), M.S. (Int. Mktg. Cmns. Strategy).

  • Shorthouse, Christina: B.A. Honours (English Literature), MPR (Public Relations).

  • Tritchew, Panteli: B.A. (English), M.A. (English).

  • Vance, Karen: B.Sc. (Education), M.A. (Professional Communication).

  • Wood, Lindsay: B.A. (English), M.A. (Leadership).


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