Success Stories

Aileena LiAileena Li

I have been working for Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP, a medium size law firm in Richmond since I finished my LGLA program in KPU April, 2015. My current position is a civil litigation legal assistant. Working in a law firm allows for much to learn every day and is a very challenging job. But you feel a great sense of achievement when you become a problem-solver and are able to help people out.

I would say the LGLA program at KPU helped me more than I can describe. It created a life-turning point for me. I am always very grateful. As a new immigrant, this program made my dream come true. It enables me to go back to be a white-collar worker in the office and earn a decent salary.

Brittany Blackall

I am employed at Boughton Law Corporation as a Float. I work on all types of files from Wills and Estates, Litigation, Tax, Aboriginal and Real Estate etc. The program helped me understand the language and terminology within documents that I have to prepare on a daily basis.  The program also made me realize how organized you have to be in maintaining copies and BF's for all of your files.

Janelle McIntosh

I work as a Legal Administrative Assistant mainly on Wills and Corporate files. I love that in my job every day is different. Even if the core of the work might be the same, each day and everyone you encounter is different. The LGLA program at KPU gave me a great understanding and background knowledge of the legal terms, documents and processes. It also provided me with great fundamental skills which were transferrable to the job.

The program is great and the teachers are amazing. If you are willing to spend the time to study and learn the concepts you will do well. The teachers are always willing to discuss things you might be unsure of and are there to help you so I encourage future students to take advantage of that!

Lara PaynterLara Paynter

I work at Severide Law as a legal assistant, my focus being Estates, Estate Planning, Committee applications and Corporate. Working in the legal field requires focus and attention to detail, and because no file is ever the same, it keeps you engaged and constantly learning. I love coming to work every day knowing that each day will provide new challenges and different experiences.

I can't imagine trying to start a career in this field without the knowledge and advice I received from KPU and its instructors. Not only did the instructors tell you exactly what to expect when you get into the legal field, they completely prepared us for the challenges we would experience and the work we would be thrust in to. You learn on a basic level, how things work from A to Z, and then you get challenged and really learn the material.

I chose KPU because in researching the program, I quickly realized that they had the best schedule, the most relevant class requirements, best location for me to commute to, and offered full time that still allowed me to maintain a part time work schedule. I have many friends that attended and still attend KPU, and they have nothing but high praises and gratitude for the school.

Leanne Feldman

I am currently employed as a Legal Administrative Assistant to a disabled articling at the Department of Justice Canada.

I have been assisting the student off and on for over a year through his articling rotations throughout all the sections of the department. The work I do is always changing and on any given day I can accompany him to legal training seminars, complete legal administrative tasks and work assignments, attend court hearings and trials, and try to assist other administrative support staff with some of their tasks if I have time.

The LGLA program at KPU helped me prepare for my new career in many ways. For starters, prior to beginning at KPU I was a stay at home mother. Going back to school and thriving as a full-time student helped me in not only gaining the necessary skills set to excel in a new career in the legal industry, it also boosted my self-confidence needed to go after my dream job.

Lilian Cazacu

During this program, I enjoyed the “hands-on” approach, which was totally different than the education system that I was used to. I went on to complete my MA in Legal Applied Studies and started my own practice as a Notary Public. All those skills that I acquired during my time at KPU are still assisting me in my new position as a Notary Public.

Skye MilaireSkye Milaire

I am currently employed by Roxwal Lawyers LLP as a Legal Administrative Assistant. I assist in corporate, estate planning, and real estate matters. The LGLA program at KPU helped me prepare for my career by providing me with a firm understanding of legal principles and procedures. It taught me about bookkeeping, legal language, proper communication, and various Microsoft Office programs. It provided me with an understanding of key components of corporate, estate planning, family law, litigation and real estate law. It also provided me with the opportunity to do a practicum in the legal industry. The LGLA program gave me confidence in entering the legal field and provided me with essential reference materials.

I chose KPU because I was already a student at the university. I was attracted by the fact that I could complete the program and satisfy my lower-level degree electives at the same time. It seemed like a great way to learn more about the legal field prior to going to law school.