Statement from Chair of KPU Board of Governors

Tue, Jun 17, 2014

Statement from Shane King
Chair, Kwantlen Polytechnic University Board of Governors
June 17, 2014

Further to the Compensation Review conducted by Assistant Deputy Minister Rob Mingay, we accept Mr. Mingay’s decision that the filing of two pre-employment contracts was found to be inconsistent with the spirit and intent of Public Sector Employers Council Secretariat guidelines.

KPU disclosed the pre-employments contracts for former Provost Dr. Anne Lavack and current President Dr. Alan Davis in KPU’s Statement of Financial Information prepared pursuant to the Financial Information Act.  However, Mr. Mingay found this did not comply with compensation guidelines.

It is our intention to rectify our processes and procedures.

To that end, KPU has engaged MNP LLP to conduct an Executive Management Compensation Process and Control Audit designed to understand and assess KPU’s current processes and controls in relation to its executive management compensation and related expenses, to identify improvement opportunities and to provide practical recommendations for improvement.

MNP will conduct its work in its role as independent internal auditor, and an initial report to the KPU Board of Governors’ Audit Committee will be delivered within five to seven weeks.

In addition, KPU will ensure this review specifically addresses Mr. Mingay’s recommendation for a formalized process to make board members aware of their responsibilities and obligations for compensation transparency, statutory requirements and guideline reporting.

I want to ensure this matter does not reflect negatively on Dr. Davis, who simply accepted the university’s employment offer and pre-employment contract.  We are eager to move forward under his leadership.