Space Requests

How does an academic or service unit submit a space request?

The unit's designated requester visits the Office of University Space Administration on the KPU Service Portal and clicks on “Submit a Space Request”

Completion of this form is required for any of the following requests:

  • Reallocation of Space within an Academic or Service Unit
  • Reallocation of Space across Academic or Service Units
  • Requirement for Additional (Incremental) Space
  • Change of the Function of a Space
  • Proposal to Increase the Capacity of a Space

What happens after a request is submitted?

All space requests are reviewed and evaluated by OUSA. Depending on the scope of the request, it may be processed by OUSA alone, or OUSA and the University Space Committee, with approvals from the Provost/Vice-President Academic and Vice-President Finance and Administration as appropriate. Consideration is given to how the request aligns with the priorities of the University, the type, purpose and location of the space requested, the number of people who will use the space, and costs relative to benefits. Then the University Space Committee makes a recommendation.

What if a unit doesn't agree with what the committee recommended?

Concerns and disagreements are resolved, again, through a collaborative and iterative process. If, following this process, the parties still disagree, the committee submits its recommendation to the Provost and Vice-President Academic and the Vice-President Finance, who will make a final, binding decision.

How will a unit know when its request has been handled?

The requester will receive an email from the Office of University Space Administration. If allocation of space has been approved, the specifics of the space are included in the notification and the requester will be directed to Facilities Services, IT and appropriate others for implementation. If the allocation of space has not been approved, the requester will be given the reasons. In this case, the requester may be invited to revise the request for future consideration.