About the University Space Committee (USC)

The University Space Committee (USC) was formed in September 2014 as a broadly representative body of the KPU community tasked with the efficient, accountable, fair and responsible management of university space.

For more information, see the USC Terms of Reference.

What does the USC do?

The committee plans, allocates, reallocates and administers space at KPU. The USC reports to the Provost and Vice-President Academic and the Vice-President Finance and Administration. Employees of the university’s academic and service units act as resources for the USC on matters of university infrastructure, facilities, budget, policy and procedure.

Who sits on the USC?

The membership of the USC broadly represents all KPU campuses and the university’s academic, services and administrative units. Terri Chanyungco, Director of University Space Administration, chairs the committee.

Why does KPU need a committee and an office dedicated to the use of space?

The university is accountable to taxpayers for the investment in capital infrastructure, and that includes ensuring space is used effectively. The USC supports the stewardship of university space by providing a vehicle for the systematic, transparent and equitable consideration of space-related requests and proposals, allocation and reallocation of space. The Provost/VP Academic and the VP Finance and Administration jointly approve the recommendations of the OUSA and USC, consulting with others as required.

For more information, see KPU Space Policy and Procedure.