Financial Aid

At Kwantlen, we understand that as a parent you may have concerns about the investment costs associated with your son/daughter's post-secondary education. That's why we've devoted significant time and resources to helping you plan for and finance this investment in their future. Consider this an investment in their future, and not the cost of their education.

"According to the 2001 Canada Census, a university graduate with a bachelor's degree will make $1.1-million more in their lifetime compared to a high school graduate."

As a publicly funded, regionally focused undergraduate institution, we offer an exceptional educational experience that is more affordable than other larger universities. Our campuses are strategically located in three Lower Mainland communities eliminating the need for costly residences, and greatly minimizing the costs for commuting, parking and other related expenses. It's important to also consider the "opportunity costs" in lost time spent while your son/daughter is commuting to another university located much farther away from your home—time they could spend studying or working.

In addition, to further reduce the investment costs in your son's/daughter's education, Kwantlen offers many scholarships, awards, bursaries, and information on other methods of financing their education.

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