Disabled Parking

Permit Guidelines

The intention of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Disabled Parking is to accommodate mobility impaired individuals in the interim as they await their SPARC Permit. The intent is to conform to the SPARC requirements. This includes requirement that the applicant has an impairment that will cause a risk to their health by walking greater than 100 meters.

Permits are not to be photocopied. With the SPARC pass individuals can park on the disabled parking stalls for free with their permit; however they are expected to pay if they are not parking in a designated spot. In other words, it’s the spot that is free and not the pass (the pass is not transferable to other spots).

Click SPARC to get more information and the application form.

The Disabled Parking - Temporary Permit is to be approved and issued only by Supply & Business Services Office and the Disability Advisor at your home campus. The Temporary Permit is invalid unless expiry date and authorized name and signature are clearly displayed. There should be a doctor's recommendation for temporary disabled parking.

If special parking arrangements are required to accommodate the individual please contact the Supply & Business Services Office at Langley Campus - 2nd floor Room L2565 or call 604.599.2060 or email us at parking@kpu.ca.

PLEASE NOTE: The Abuse of SPARC Permit regulations is covered under the Motor Vehicle Act.