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Place-Based Food Systems Conference 2018




Place-Based Food Systems: Making the Case, Making It Happen
Richmond (Metro Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada
August 9-10th, 2018


This conference will bring together academic and community-based leaders and change-makers who are working to understand and advance place-based food systems as a foundational element of sustainable society. Participants will share and learn about the latest research and on-the-ground experiences and identify directions for strategic, synergistic, and concerted future study and action.


In the midst of the of the neo-liberal globalization juggernaut, we ask, how can ecological, economic, and social capital be strategically and effectively directed to advance place-based food systems – systems that respond to the needs of and nurture the development of communities within the regions they serve? Place-Based Food Systems 2018: Making the Case, Making It Happen is a two-day conference highlighting the critical efforts of, and synergies between, researchers and community innovators who are working to forge vital place-based food systems. Participants will leave fortified with knowledge and understanding of the latest and best work making the case for place-based food systems, as well as innovative practices putting place-based food systems to into action.  Our intent is for participants to gain an empowering vision of the critical role that place-based food systems can and will play in achieving our sustainable economic, ecological, and societal futures, as well as a revitalized dedication to strategic, collaborative, and forceful strategies moving forward.


We are now calling for proposals for conference presentations, posters, and/or papers (for peer-review and publication in a special issue of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development [JAFSCD]). The overarching conference session themes will be centered on the following questions:


  • How can place-based food systems contribute to sustainable human economies?
  • How can place-based food systems foster environmental stewardship and ecological integrity?
  • What policy and governance structures are critical to the advancement of place- based food systems?
  • How can we increase the capacity of place-based food systems?


Presentations, papers, and posters that include quantitative and qualitative studies, feasibility analyses, case studies, reflective essays, failed or foundering project analyses, and the like are encouraged. Examples include but are not limited to:


  • Response to and/or analysis of federal, state, or provincial policy initiatives.
  • Assessment of community and social capital implications of place-based food system movements and activities.
  • Response to climate change impacts on food system and mitigation/ adaptation strategies.
  • Evaluation of real-world governance and communications infrastructure of place-based food systems.
  • Strategies cultivating a regional identity, market, and/or brand.
  • Meeting infrastructure requirements for advancing place-based food systems.
  • Assessing ways of increasing supply, procurement, and other forms of demand for place-based foods.
  • Fostering inclusivity in food system movements.
  • Indigenous food ways and Indigenous peoples’ perspectives regarding place-based food systems.
  • Movements to improve access to first foods and healthy fresh foods by tribal nations.
  • Economic implications and outcomes of place-based food systems.
  • Linkages between place-based food systems and local ecologies and environmental stewardship.
  • Measurement, quality assessment and evaluation of place-based food systems actions, strategies and outcomes.


This conference is currently in the early planning stages. Contact Naomi Robert at to be added to an announcement list for forthcoming details about submitting proposals for presentations, posters, and papers, sponsorship opportunities etc.