Disability Inclusion Group

For more information please contact The Disability Inclusion Group at dig@kpu.ca


Despite the presence of anti-discrimination policies, university campuses can still be unwelcoming and many people with disabilities remain excluded. Discrimination and harassment based on disability can be less visible than what is typically experienced by other groups protected by Human Rights legislation. The foundation of this is ableism which is a belief system that views people with disabilities as being of less inherent value than people without disabilities.


KPU's Disability Inclusion Group (DIG) is committed to dismantling ableism by fostering awareness, exposing barriers, encouraging engagement, and promoting inclusion for people with disabilities. DIG's purpose is to identify opportunities to create an environment and culture at KPU where all people with disabilities feel welcome, valued, supported, and empowered.


  • To support and empower students, staff, and faculty with disabilities at KPU
  • To increase awareness, affirmation and education around disability issues
  • To challenge ableism and reduce stigma
  • To contribute to the development of a supportive, anti-ableist culture and to help create a more accessible, inclusive, and safer campus community
  • To demonstrate KPU’s commitment to enrich and enliven the diversity of its community, including people with disabilities.


In collaboration with people with disabilities, the Disability Inclusion Group will focus on the following:

  • Identifying and addressing issues related to ableism
  • Disseminating information on disability issues to the KPU community
  • Sharing information on resources available at KPU and from community organizations
  • Working in partnership with community organizations to advance anti-ableist campaigns
  • Advocating for training to increase awareness, support, and empowerment around disability issues
  • Engaging in consultations about disability issues in the interest of ongoing improvement to KPU, including but not limited to policy, communications, physical environment, and support services.

Membership Structure

Membership will include:

  • KSA Students with Disabilities Representative
  • Student representatives (2)
  • Student Services Representatives (2-3)
  • Support Staff Representative (1)
  • Human Resource Services representative (1)
  • Faculty representatives (2-3)
  • Director of Diversity

The Disability Inclusion Group should be broadly and intersectionally representative of people with lived experience with disabilities. The Group has the authority to expand its membership as it deems necessary from time to time.


The Disability Inclusion Group will provide at minimum an annual report to the President's Diversity and Equity Committee (PDEC).