Vendor Help

Doing Business with KPU

Procurement Services is primarily responsible for the purchase of goods and services for KPU.  The department's objective is to acquire goods and services in a manner that results in the best overall value to the University.  Open competitions cover a broad range of procurement opportunities that support departments and their needs.  Procurement of goods, services and construction are subject to regional and national trade agreements and internal governance in accordance with KPU policies and procedures. 

How to become a Vendor

Typically new vendors are sourced by the Buyers in the Procurement department, or are vendors who have responded to a competitive bid opportunity.  Vendors who are interested in supplying goods or services to KPU are encouraged to introduce themselves through   

Bid Opportunities

Bid opportunities notices are advertised on the BidCentral or BC Bid site.  KPU invites any interested bidder who can fulfill the bid requirements to respond to the advertised opportunity. Vendors are responsible for staying informed of current and upcoming procurement opportunities.

Bid opportunities are generally in three main categories: Goods, Services and Construction.  The process used for solicitations is typically in the form of an Invitation to Tender (ITT), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ).


KPU's Custom Broker, Thompson Ahern International, handles our shipments when they cross the border.


As a member of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada we subscribe to the Professional Code of Ethics. As a member of the BC Education Cooperative Purchasing Group we collaborate with our colleagues to implement best practices for our organization.



Competitive bidding for all construction and renovation projects over $200,000 in pre-tender estimated value is publicly advertised on the BC BID website and through BIDCENTRAL.

Competitive bidding for construction and renovation projects with a pre-tender estimate of value less than $200,000 will normally be through invited bids selected from KPU's small contract register. This register is refreshed annually in May/June each year with a public advertisement for pre-qualification.

The Construction Process at KPU includes standardized Canadian Construction Documents Committee CCDC2-2008 documents and the BCDC2(e)-2012 standardized documents for public projects. Click here for brochure.

Copies of the CCDC2-2008 are available electronically after payment has been received, contact VRCA for further information.

A generic sample of the BCDC2 documents containing KPU's project specific amendments is available by link here.

In 2012, KPU moved to electronic bidding for construction projects through the BidCentral site, using BCDC2-E documents. A generic copy is attached here for information only.

KPU is committed to using on-line bidding for projects, where feasible.