Victor Martinez

Richmond Campus: 604-599-2594

Victor Martinez’s work has taken him all around the world. He first graduated from National University in Mexico in 1999, where he studied industrial design, before travelling to Italy to pursue his master’s degree in transportation design. As a senior design and project manager, Victor worked with auto companies like FIAT, Kia, Audi, Ferrari and General Motors. He is a doctoral candidate at Northumbria University in the UK, where he lived until 2014 when he relocated to Vancouver. As part of his Ph.D. project, Victor developed Trophec, an online product lifecycle visualization tool. He currently teaches courses in product lifecycle visualization, systems thinking for design and alternative urban mobility at the Wilson School of Design. Victor is also a founding partner of Ecopilia, a company that was developed based off the biodegradable research done at Tecnologico de Monterey, which manufactures indoor wall decoration tile out of Bioxim, a fully recyclable material made out of corn fibres and cellulose.

Areas of Interest

Victor Martinez's areas of interest and research include: product development and how to integrate sustainability criteria; systems thinking for design; alternative urban mobility, and; biodegradable materials.

He is also involved in the Digital Physicalities Research Group at KPU.