KPU Retirees Association Membership

Membership information for KPU Retirees.

KPU Retirees Association (founded 2018)

The KPU Retirees Association became a registered society in June 2018. Our first Annual Meeting was held in May 2019 in our official founding year, 2019. The list of Full KPURA Founding Members and Founding Associate Members can be found at the bottom this page. We have continued on face-to-face and now in virtual formats ever since.

Thinking about Retiring?

Here is a short piece of some of the things you may want to consider as you contemplate retirement. 

Become a Member

KPURA is a great way to keep in touch with colleagues. We organize a number of fun events each year – for instance, in 2021 so far we have had a Virtual ‘Armchair Tour through Menton, France" and a historical look at the "Arches of Chinatown". (See for details of these and other past and future events.)
And, since KPURA is now a registered society, members can gain access to other retirees’ associations such as the College and University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC), and thus to other benefits.

KPURA’s Annual Membership Fee for 2024 is set at $15.

KPURA Lifetime Membership Option

The Association also provides the option of an age-dependent Lifetime Membership Fee which can be activated at any time.
AGE            FEE
65 or younger   $250
66-69                    $240
70-75                    $200
76-79                    $170
80+                        $140
In recognition of the efforts of our Founding Members, $25 will be deducted from each of the above fees if they choose to switch to Lifetime Membership at any time.  
Any other dues paying member who decides to switch from Annual to Lifetime Membership and whose dues are current for the year in which they apply to switch to Lifetime Membership will similarly receive a deduction of $25.

You may send applications directly to: 

Our legal address to mail applications is:

c/o President’s Office
KPU, 12666-72nd Avenue,
Surrey, BC, V3W 2M8


1. Three Newsletters a year – KPURA News – keeping us connected with news of retirees’:

a. travels,
b. community-based activities,
c. research and scholarly activities,
d. social activities.

2. Reduced fees for KPURA-sponsored activities such as wine tastings, local boat, streetcar and walking tours, lunches.
Since our initial meeting for formation in 2017 we have sponsored 50 events attended by over 500 people (80% KPU retirees and 20% spouses/guests).

3. Keeping connected with colleagues and friends – with the “Kwantlen Family”.

4. Maintaining friendships and creating new ones.

5. The exchange of information.

6. Intellectual engagement.

7. Ongoing support from and to the university.

8. Representation of their interests as retirees.

9. Access to benefits of the College and University Retirees Association of Canada (CURAC) 42 member associations (including KPURA) embracing some 16,000 retirees
Benefits :

a. Discounted travel
b. Discounted home and car insurance
c. Discounted pet insurance
d. Extended health insurance – in some aspects better than our group pension health insurance – rates are not age-banded
e. Two different travel/trip cancellation plans – one is not age-banded
f. Quarterly Newsletter
g. Annual National Conference


We look forward to you coming to join in the fun.

Members may access the Constitution and By Laws with these links:
KPURA Constitution:…
KPURA By Laws:


KPURA Founding Members

Balazs, Gloria (Admin Staff)
Balasubramanian (Bala), Sundari (ELST)
Barnett, Carol (HORT)
Baur, Manfred (Trades - Dean)
Belfry, Joan (NURS)
Benton, Elaine (OADM)
Boni, Mary (FASH)
Bordeaux, Elizabeth (ACP)
Carpenter, Sandra (COUNS /COMM)
Christon-Quao, Percy (ECON)
Coyle, Lindagene (VP Ventures)
Crinklaw, Fraser (APPD)
Currie, Don (CARP)
Dean, Geoff (ACP)
De Silva, Moira (EALT – Dean)
Duggan, Barbara (Design - Dean)
Elmes, Roger (Arts - Dean)
Farnsworth, Verian (PSYC)
Farrell, Juhli (EA to Librarian)
Fisher, Gordon (ACCT)
Flaterud, Ron (COUNS)
Floyd, Richard Heath (SOCI)
Franz, Margaret (EAAL)
Gillis, Jim (Continuing Ed - Director)
Gom, Leona (CRWR)
Hearn, Karen (Facilities - Exec Dir)
Holubowicz, Anna
Howell, Bob (SOCI)
Innes, Val (ACP)
Klinkhamer, Sooz (IDSN)
Laughy, Bette (COMM/PRLN)
Lee, Gordon (MRKT; VP Finance)
MacDonald, Cathy (Chief Librarian)
Macpherson, Alice (TLC)
Marasigan, John (PSYC)
McGoff-Dean, Colleen (ACP)
McGillivray, Judith (VP Academic)
McKinlay, Liz (HR - Director)
McMath, Tom (PHYS)
Nanson, Derek (ACP - Dean)
Moore, Maureen (Admissions)
Nettleton, Cherry (RES CARE)
O’Malley, Bev {GNIE}
Patterson, John (BIOL; Registrar)
Perkins, Bob (CHEM)
Pybus, Marg (OADM)
Ramirez, Patricio (MODL)
Robbins, Peter (ABED)
Rogers, Linda (Librarian)
Shap, Yale (APPD)
Sprung, John (CAAD)
Stuart-Chiu, Naomi (Manager Student Awards and Financial Assistance)
Thesiger, Peter (CBSY)
Thomas-Bruzzese, Barbara (APPD)
Triplett, Leslie (Skip) (MRKT; President)
Wade, Natalie (Tally) (PSCM)
Whitlow, Simon (CISY)
Wiens, David (COMM; Assoc. Dean)
Wong, Alice (INTL)
Wong Hen, John (PHYS)
Wood, Robert (BUSI)
Woodson, Lee (PSYC)

Founding Associate Members

Bird, Doug – Spouse – Alice Macpherson
Bishop, Rick – Spouse – Maureen Moore
Fisher, Dorothy – Spouse – Gordon Fisher
Hartfiel, Richard – Spouse – Sooz Klinkhamer
Lavack, Anne – TRU Retiree
Rey, Fernando – Spouse – Carol Barnett
Rucquoy, Marie-Claire – Spouse – Roger Elmes
Shap, Valerie – Spouse – Yale Shap
Short, Tim – Spouse - Margaret Franz
Wade, John – Spouse – Tally Wade

Plus those founding members who chose not to have their names listed on this public webpage.