Lee Beavington

BSc (UBC), PhD (SFU)

Lee Beavington is an interdisciplinary instructor and learning strategist. He believes in learner-centered and inquiry-based approaches that honour the whole student. Lee is a TEDx speaker, award-winning author, and has taught and worked in five faculties at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, including being a faculty leader for the Amazon Field School. He also served as co-curator for the award-winning exhition, Wild Things: The Power of Nature in Our Lives, at the Museum of Vancouver, recipient of the Award of Merit for Excellence in Exhibitions. His interdisciplinary research explores holistic science education, environmental ethics, and arts-based learning across the curriculum. He has published his work in such diverse places as Cultural Studies of Science EducationJournal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum StudiesEcopsychology, Animals and Science Education, Wild Berries of British Columbia, Langscape, Clarkesworld Magazine, and Writers of the Future. Find Lee reflecting in the forest, mesmerized by ferns, and always following the river. 


Lee also works as a Learning Strategist at KPU, and teaches the Amazon Interdisciplinary Field School, Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts (IDEA), and Academic & Career Preparation

Courses taught

  • BIOL 1110 - Introductory Biology I
  • BIOL 1112 - Biology Today
  • BIOL 1210 - Introductory Biology 2
  • BIOL 2320 - Genetics
  • BIOL 2321 - Cell Biology
  • BIOL 2322 - Ecology
  • BIOL 3110 - Animal Behaviour
  • BIOL 3225 - Biology of Plants
  • BIOL 3321 - Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology
  • BIOQ 1099 - Introduction to Human Biology
  • ARTS 3000 - Amazon Interdisciplinary Field School
  • IDEA 3100 - Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts 1 (The Creativity Course)
  • IDEA 1100 - Interdisciplinary Foundations
  • KPU 100 - Introduction to University
  • KPU 101 - Thriving in Action

Areas of Interest

Ecology, education, environment.
Holistic, arts-based, experiential learning. 
Transformative learning, contemplative practice, nature as teacher.
Indigenizing the curriculum, place-based learning, science education.

Scholarly Work