Best Practices for Farmers' Market Farmers

Best Business Practices for BC Farmer's Market Farmers


The ISFS collaborated with the BC Association of Farmers' Markets (BCAFM) to develop a resource guide that highlights successful farmers' market farmers and communicate their best business and operations management practices. Funding was provided by the Investment Agriculture Foundation and VanCity.

Project Purpose:

Document and share best business and management practices of farmers selling at BC farmers' markets, in order to:


1. Identify the path to a successful small-scale, direct market farming operation.
2. Develop a strong direction and support for the local, direct market food system.
3. Increase awareness of small scale farmers selling direct to the public through farmers' markets, within the farming sector and amongst consumers.


This project concluded in the summer of 2017. The following resources are available to the public.

  • Guide Book: Successful Farmers' Market Farmers in BC - Business Management Lessons from 15 Case Studies
  • Marketing Toolkit: Best Business Practices in Marketing for Farmers' Market Farmers
  • Webinar: Best Business Practices for Farmers Selling at BC Farmers' Markets