Training New Alternative Farmers in BC

Agriculture is changing rapidly. And so is the way we train emerging farmers.
We are asking Alternative Farmers to help us in creating an open-access instructional guide to support new farmer training initiatives in alternative agricultural practices in BC. Click here to take our 15-20 minute survey and help us identify what new alternative farmers should be taught in order to be effective as employees, managers, and or/owner operators in the alternative agriculture sub-sector. All participants are eligible to win one of ten, $100 Visa gift cards! 
The ultimate deliverable of this project will be an open-access instructional guide to assist new farmer training initiatives in BC such as farmer training programs, farmer-to-farmer mentorships, on-farm internships and apprenticeships. This guide will support established farmers in mentorship initiatives as well as ensure that new farmers are equipped with the tools and knowledge to catalyze the impact of regenerative, organic, sustainable, small-scale and agroecological agriculture.

To learn more about the project, please contact graduate student researcher, Sarah Clements at