2023 Senior Division Rankings

Port Moody Secondary - 2nd Team 1  Senior Design Winner
Port Moody Secondary2
Semiahmoo Secondary  3
Eric Hamber - Blue team 4
Steveston-London Secondary5
Lord Byng Secondary6
Fraser Heights Secondary 7
J.N. Burnett Secondary8
R.A. McMath Secondary 9
Richmond Secondary - Grey team10
A.R MacNeill Secondary 11
McNair Secondary 12
Richmond Secondary - Maroon team13
Mt. Douglas Secondary 14
Aspengrove School 15
St. George's School  16
New Westminster Secondary17
Rick Hansen Secondary18
R.E. Mountain Secondary19
Crofton House20
Prince of Wales Secondary21
Urban Academy22
McNair Secondary - 2nd team23
Eric Hamber - Maroon team24
Point Grey Secondary25
Pacific Academy26
University Hill Secondary27
Southpointe Academy28
St. Thomas Aquinas High29

2023 Junior Division Rankings

Eric Hamber Secondary   1
A.R. MacNeill   2
Impactive Engineering 3
Port Moody Secondary 4
Mount Douglas Secondary 5
R.E. Mountain Secondary 6
University Hill Secondary7
New Westminster Secondary8
Fraser Heights Secondary 9
Aspengrove School 10
Richmond Secondary - Maroon team  11
Palmer Secondary12
Crofton House  13
McNair Secondary14  Junior Design Winner
Rick Hansen Secondary - 2nd team15
R.A. McMath Secondary16
Richmond Secondary - Grey team17
Point Grey Secondary18
Prince of Wales Secondary19
Rick Hansen Secondary - 1st team20
Urban Academy21

2022 Junior Only Results

Richmond Secondary Maroon Team 21  Design Winner
Fraser Heights Secondary Team 12
Port Moody Secondary Team 13
Richmond Secondary Team 14
Lord Byng Secondary5
St George's School6
AR MacNeill Secondary Team 17
Port Moody Secondary Team 28
Semiahmoo Secondary Team 19
Crofton House School10
Prince of Wales Secondary11
McNair Secondary School12
JN Burnett Secondary13
Urban Academy14
Fleetwood Park Secondary15
Fraser Heights Secondary Team 216
AR MacNeill Secondary Team 217
Point Grey Secondary School18
Semiahmoo Secondary Team 219
RC Palmer Secondary Team 120
Unity Christian School21


2019 Junior Results

Mount Douglas Secondary 1  Design Winner
Fraser Heights Secondary2
Richmond Secondary3
Port Moody Secondary4
RA McMath Secondary5
New Westminster Secondary6
Pacific Academy7
Collingwood School8
York House9
Lord Byng Secondary10
Burnaby Mountain11  
St Thomas More Collegiate12
Sardis Secondary13
McNair Secondary14
Fleetwood Park Secondary15
Urban Academy16
Crofton House17
Prince of Wales Secondary18
WJ Mouat Secondary19
JN Burnett Secondary20
Kwantlen Park Secondary21
Brockton School22
Semiahmoo Secondary23
Alpha Secondary24


2019 Senior Results

Semiahmoo Secondary1
Pinetree Secondary2
Fleetwood Park Secondary3
Richmond Secondary4  Design Winner
Port Moody Secondary5
JN Burnett Secondary6
Burnaby South Secondary7
New Westminster Secondary8
Lord Byng Secondary 19
Crofton House10
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary11
Prince of Wales Secondary12  
Burnaby North Secondary13
Mount Douglas Secondary14
Centennial School15
St Thomas Aquinas High16
York House17
McNair Secondary18
Gleneagle Secondary19
Sardis Secondary20
AR MacNeill21
St Thomas More Collegiate22
Fraser Heights Secondary23
Aspengrove School24
WJ Mouat25
Brockton School26
Burnaby Mountain27

2018 Junior Results

Centennial Secondary1
New Westminster Secondary2
Moscrop Secondary3
Richmond Secondary4
Fraser Heights Secondary5
JN Burnett Secondary6
Pinetree Secondary7
St Thomas More Collegiate8
McMath Secondary9
Burnaby Mountain Secondary10
Semiahmoo Secondary11  
Mount Douglass Secondary12   Design Winner
Burnaby North Secondary13
Point Grey Secondary14
Killarney Secondary15
WJ Mouat Secondary16
York House School17
Collingwood School18
Prince of Wales Secondary19
HJ Cambie Secondary20
Brockton School21
Urban Academy22


2018 Senior Results

Fleetwood Park Secondary1     Design Winner
Pinetree Secondary2
Burnaby North Secondary3
Port Moody Secondary4
JN Burnett Secondary5
Fraser Heights Secondary6
Mount Douglas Secondary7
Centennial Secondary8
WJ Mouat Secondary9
Cambie Secondary10
Collingwood School11
Prince of Wales Secondary12 
Aspengrove School13
Pacific Academy14
York House School15
Richmond Secondary16
Crofton House School17
Earl Marriott Secondary18
Killarney Secondary19
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary20
RA McMath Secondary21
Point Grey Secondary22
AR MacNeill Secondary23
Semiahmoo Secondary24
Walnut Grove Secondary25
Sullivan Heights Secondary26
North Delta Secondary27
Brockton School28
St Thomas More Collegiate29


2016 Junior Results

SchoolTeam #Ranking
WJ Mouat Secondary211
Burnaby South Secondary37
Burnaby South Secondary #2421
Fleetwood Park Park56
Richmond Secondary612
Lord Byng Secondary715
Burnaby North Secondary85
Mount Douglas99
New Westminster Secondary108
Port Moody Secondary School1219
Burnaby Mountain Secondary1317
Fleetwood Park Secondary 2144
JN Burnett Secondary152
McMath Secondary1622
Fraser Heights Secondary171
Hugh Boyd Secondary2023
Semiahmoo SS2118
St. George's233
York House School2410
Earl Marriott2516


2016 Senior Results

SchoolTeam #Ranking
McMath Secondary215
North Delta Secondary421
W.J. Mouat518
Semiahmoo Secondary61
Enver Creek719
Fleetwood Park Secondary820
Killarney secondary98
York House School1112
Richmond Secondary1211
Lord Byng Secondary1323
New Westminster Secondary School149
Burnaby North Secondary154
Mount Douglas165
Pinetree Secondary183
Sands Secondary1927
Port Moody Secondary School2016
Fraser Heights Secondary212
Burnaby Mountain Secondary2326
West Vancouver Secondary School246
Sardis Secondary2517
Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School2622
St. George's2725
Burnaby South Secondary287
Earl Marriott3014



2015 Junior Results


Fleetwood Park1
Burnaby North Secondary3
Earl Mariott4
Fraser Heights5
West Point Grey Academy7
Mount Douglas8
Sullivan Heights9
New Westminster10
RC Palmer Secondary11
WJ Mouat 114
Pacific Academy15
Yale Secondary 119
Yale Secondary 220
Lord Byng21
WJ Mouat 222
Burnaby South23

2016 Senior Results

SchoolTeam #Ranking
McMath Secondary2 
North Delta Secondary4 
W.J. Mouat5 
Semiahmoo Secondary6 
Enver Creek7 
Fleetwood Park Secondary8 
Killarney secondary9 
York House School11 
Richmond Secondary12 
Lord Byng Secondary13 
New Westminster Secondary School14 
Burnaby North Secondary15 
Mount Douglas16 
Point Grey Secondary School17 
Pinetree Secondary18 
Sands Secondary19 
Port Moody Secondary School20 
Fraser Heights Secondary21 
Burnaby Mountain Secondary23 
West Vancouver Secondary School24 
Sardis Secondary25 
Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School26 
St. George's27 
Burnaby South Secondary28 
Earl Marriott30 


2015 Senior Division


York House1
West Point Grey Academy3
Burnaby North4
Burnaby South Secondary6
W. J. Mouat7
Semiahmoo Secondary8
New Westminster Secondary10
Point Grey11
Fraser Heights Secondary12
Lord Byng Secondary 13
Pacific Academy14
Fleetwood Park15
Port Moody16
Sardis Secondary17
Mount Douglas Secondary18
HJ Cambie19
St. Georges20
Killarney Secondary21
Hugh Boyd 22
Sullivan Heights23
Tamanawis 125


Results from Previous Science Challenges


2014 Junior Division

HJ Cambie Secondary1
Mount Douglas Secondary 22
Fraser Heights Secondary3
WJ Mouat Secondary 24
Sardis Secondary School5
Semiahmoo Secondary6
New Westminster Secondary7
Yale Secondary8
Pinetree Secondary9
Port Moody Secondary School10
RC Palmer Secondary11
New Westminster Secondary 212
Mount Douglas Secondary14
WJ Mouat Secondary15
Burnaby South Secondary16
Sullivan Heights Secondary17
Lord Byng Secondary19
Hugh Boyd20
Burnaby North Secondary21
Princess Margaret Secondary22
Killarney Secondary23


2014 Senior Division

New Westminster Secondary1
Pinetree Secondary2
Burnaby North Secondary3
Point Grey Secondary4
Sardis Secondary5
Semiahmoo Secondary6
Lord Byng Secondary7
Mount Douglas Secondary8
Burnaby South Secondary9
W. J. Mouat10
Fraser Heights Secondary11
Pacific Academy12
Hugh Boyd13
North Surrey Secondary14
University Hill Secondary15
RC Palmer Secondary16
North Delta Secondary17
York House18
Archbishop Carney19
Sullivan Heights Secondary20
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary21
West Point Grey Academy22
Killarney Secondary23
Panorama Ridge24
Port Moody Secondary25
Templeton Secondary26
Eric Hamber28




Kwantlen Science Challenge - Junior Division

Collingwood School1
WJ Mouat Secondary #22
Hugh Boyd Secondary  #13
Yale Secondary4
HJ Cambie Secondary5
Burnaby North Secondary #16
RC Palmer Secondary7
Burnaby South Secondary8
WJ Mouat Secondary #19
Point Grey Secondary10
Meadowridge #111
Semiahmoo Secondary12
University Hill Secondary13
New Westminster Secondary14
Enver Creek Secondary15
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary16
Burnaby North Secondary #216
Mount Douglas Secondary18
Fraser Heights Secondary19
Hugh Boyd Secondary #220
Highroad Academy21
Meadowridge #222
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary23

Results from the 2013 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Senior Division

Mount Douglas Secondary1
Burnaby North Secondary2
Semiahmoo Secondary3
Killarney Secondary4
Port Moody Secondary5
Lord Byng Secondary6
Collingwood School7
Pinetree Secondary8
Hugh Boyd Secondary9
Point Grey Secondary10
Fraser Heights Secondary11
New Westminster Secondary12
Maple Ridge Secondary13
North Surrey Secondary14
Centennial School15
Highroad Academy16
North Delta Secondary17
Rick Hansen Secondary18
HJ Cambie Secondary19
MEI Secondary20
West Point Grey Academy21
Sullivan Heights Secondary22
Fleetwood Park Secondary23
Enver Creek Secondary24
RC Palmer Secondary25
Queen Elizabeth Secondary26
Magee  Secondary28
Burnaby South Secondary29
Tamanawis Secondary30





Kwantlen Science Challenge - Junior Division

Hugh Boyd Secondary1
Semiahmoo Secondary2
Fraser Heights Secondary3
WJ Mouat Secondary #14
WJ Mouat Secondary #25
Sir Winston Churchill6
Yale Secondary7
Burnaby South Secondary8
West Point Grey Academy9
Fleetwood Park Secondary10
Collingwood School11
Lord Byng Secondary12
Point Grey Secondary13
Burnaby North Secondary14
New Westminster #115
St Thomas Aquinas16
RC Palmer Secondary17
New Westminster #218
RA McMath Secondary19
North Surrey Secondary20
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary21
Sardis Secondary22
Enver Creek Secondary23
Highroad Academy24

Results from the 2012 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Senior Division

Semiahmoo Secondary1
Yale Secondary2
Sardis Secondary3
Point Grey Secondary4
RC Palmer Secondary5
Burnaby North Secondary6
RA McMath Secondary7
Magee Secondary8
Fraser Heights Secondary9
Burnaby South Secondary10
York House11
New Westminster Secondary12
 West Point Grey Academy13
North Delta Secondary14
Templeton Secondary15
North Surrey Secondary16
WJ Mouat Secondary17
Earl Marriott Secondary18
Hugh Boyd Secondary19
Sir Winston Churchill20
Rockridge Secondary21
Enver Creek Secondary22
Highroad Academy23
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary24
Lord Byng Secondary25
Sir Charles Tupper Secondary26
HJ Cambie Secondary27




Results from the 2011 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Junior Division


Burnaby North Secondary - Team 21
Semiahmoo Secondary2
Collingwood School 3
W.J. Mouat Secondary  - Team 14
New Westminster Secondary 5
Lord Byng Secondary6
W.J. Mouat Secondary  - Team 2 7
Byrne Creek Secondary8
Burnaby South Secondary - Team 29
Point Grey Secondary10
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary11
Burnaby North Secondary - Team 112
Yale Secondary - Team 113
Eric Hamber Secondary14
Cambie Secondary15
R. C. Palmer Secondary16
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary17
West Point Grey Academy18
Highroad Academy19
Burnaby South Secondary - Team 120
Fraser Heights Secondary21
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary  - Team 122

Results from the 2011 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Senior Division

Semiahmoo Secondary School1
Prince of Wales Secondary2
Point Grey Secondary 13
Yale Secondary 14
York House  5
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School 6
R. C. Palmer Secondary7
Fraser Heights Secondary8
Burnaby North Secondary9
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary10
Eric Hamber Secondary11
West Point Grey Academy 212
West Point Grey Academy 1 13
New Westminster Secondary14
Seaquam Secondary15
Highroad Academy16
Delta Secondary17
W. J. Mouat Secondary 18
King George Secondary19
Burnaby South Secondary20
Rockridge Secondary21
Byrne Creek Secondary22
New Westminster Secondary  2 23
Collingwood School24
Tamanawis Secondary25
Templeton Secondary26
Hugh Boyd Secondary27
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary28


Results from the 2010 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Junior Division

Collingwood School1
Burnaby North Secondary - Team 12
Yale Secondary3
Semiahmoo Secondary School  - Team 14
Fraser Heights Secondary School5
New Westminster Secondary School6
Highroad Academy7
W.J. Mouat Secondary  - Team 18
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School9
Sardis Secondary10
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School11
Burnaby North Secondary - Team 212
W.J. Mouat Secondary  - Team 213
Hugh Boyd Secondary14
West Point Grey Academy15
Semiahmoo Secondary School  - Team 216
North Surrey Secondary School - Team 217
R. C.  Palmer Secondary - Team 118
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School - Team 119
Port Moody Secondary School20
Tamanawis Secondary21
Point Grey Secondary School - Team 222
Earl Marriott Secondary23
R. C. Palmer Secondary - Team 224
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary - Team 125
North Surrey Secondary School - Team 126
Byrne Creek Secondary27
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School - Team 228
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary- Team 229

Results from the 2010 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Senior Division

Semiahmoo Secondary School1
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary 2
York House School 3
Point Grey Secondary4
Burnaby North Secondary5
Mount Douglas Secondary 6
W. J. Mouat Secondary School7
University Hill Secondary School8
Killarney Secondary9
Templeton Secondary10
Port Moody Secondary School 11
Highroad Academy12
New Westminster Secondary13
Richmond Secondary14
West Point Grey Academy15
Earl Marriott Secondary16
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary17
Collingwood School  18
Yale Secondary School 19
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School20
North Surrey Secondary School21
R. C.  Palmer Secondary22
Hugh Boyd Secondary 23
Byrne Creek Secondary24
Tamanawis Secondary25
Hugh McRoberts Secondary26
King George Secondary27


Results from the 2009 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Junior Division

Enver Creek1
W.J. Mouat Secondary 22
West Point Grey Academy3
Highroad Academy4
RC Palmer Secondary5
Burnaby North Secondary6
New Westminster Secondary School7
Yale Secondary 28
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School9
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School10
Lord Tweedsmuir Sec Sch11
West Point Grey Academy 212
Port Moody Secondary School13
Earl Marriott Secondary14
Point Grey Secondary School15
Byrne Creek Secondary16
Semiahmoo Secondary School 217
Hugh Boyd Secondary18
Yale Secondary19
Collingwood School20
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary21
W.J. Mouat Secondary22
Semiahmoo Secondary23
Fraser Heights Secondary School24
Collingwood School 225
Wellington Secondary School26
North Surrey Secondary School27
Tamanawis Secondary28
St. John's School29
Templeton Secondary30

Results from the 2009 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Senior Division

Semiahmoo Secondary School1
Mt Douglas Secondary2
Point Grey Secondary3
York House School4
North Surrey Secondary School5
W. J. Mouat Secondary School6
Heritage Woods7
Delta Secondary8
Templeton Secondary School9
Port Moody Secondary School10
Earl Marriott Secondary11
Yale Secondary School12
Hugh Boyd Secondary13
Byrne Creek14
University Hill Secondary School15
Victoria High School16
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary17
RC Palmer Secondary18
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary19
St. John's School20
Lord Tweedsmuir Sec Sch21
Collingwood School22
McRoberts Secondary23
Magee Secondary24
Wellington Secondary School25
Tamanawis Secondary26
Highroad Academy27
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School28
St. Thomas More Collegiate 
Guildford Park Secondary 


Results from the 2008 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Junior Division

Team Name:Rank:
Semiahmoo Secondary1
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary - 22
Earl Marriott4
W.J. Mouat5
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary - 16
Yale Secondary7
North Surrey Secondary School8
Hugh Boyd - 19
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary10
Collingwood School11
Hugh Boyd - 212
Tamanawis Secondary13
R. C. Palmer Secondary14

Results from the 2008 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Senior Division

Team Name:Rank:
Point Grey Secondary1
Semiahmoo Secondary2
St. John's School3
York House5
Yale Secondary6
Port Moody Secondary7
Delta Secondary9
Hugh Boyd10
W. J. Mouat11
Enver Creek Secondary12
Johnston Heights13
R. C. Palmer Secondary14
St. Thomas More Collegiate15
Tamanawis Secondary16
Hugh McRoberts18
Victoria High School19
Lord Tweedsmuir Lord Byng Secondary21
St. Thomas Aquinas High School22
North Surrey23
R. A. McMath24
Frank Hurt Secondary25
Moscrop Secondary26
Queen Margarets27


Results from the 2007 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Junior Division

Team Name:Rank:
Semiahmoo Secondary1
Johnston Heights Secondary2
Earl Marriott3
North Surrey Secondary School4
Collingwood School5
R. C. Palmer Secondary6
Killarney Secondary7
Highroad Academy8
Burnsview Secondary9
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary10
Frank Hurt Secondary11
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary12
Yale Secondary13
Moscrop Secondary14
Cambie Secondary15
Tamanawis Secondary16

Results from the 2007 Kwantlen Science Challenge - Senior Division

Team Name:Rank:
Point Grey Secondary1
Yale Secondary -Team 16 (1)2
Yale Secondary - Team 23 (2)3
R. C. Palmer Secondary4
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary5
W. J. Mouat6
Envar Creek Secondary7
St. John's School8
Mission Secondary9
Port Moody Secondary10
J. N. Burnett Secondary11
Gladstone Secondary12
St. Thomas More Collegiate13
Killarney Secondary15
Semiahmoo Secondary16
Moscrop Secondary17
Frank Hurt Secondary18
North Surrey Secondary19
Victoria High School20
Lord Byng Secondary21
Heritage Woods Secondary22
Tamanawis Secondary23
Maple Ridge Secondary24
University Hill Secondary25
Highroad Academy26
St. Thomas Aquinas High School27
Earl Marriott Secondary28


Results from the 2006 Kwantlen Science Challenge

Team Name:Rank:
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary1
Point Grey Secondary2
Prince of Wales Secondary3
St. Thomas More Collegiate4
Gladstone Secondary5
Semiahmoo Secondary6
North Surrey Secondary School7
Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary8
Port Moody Secondary9
Victoria High School10
University Hill Secondary11
Tamanawis Secondary13
Frank Hurt Secondary14
St. Michaels University15
Handsworth Secondary16
Killarney Secondary17
W. J. Mouat18
St. Johns School19
Saint Thomas Aquinas High20
J. N. Burnett Secondary21
Heritage Woods Secondary22
Lord Byng Secondary23
L. A. Matheson Secondary24
Mission Secondary25
Heritage Park Secondary26
Maple Ridge Secondary27

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for making the first Kwantlen Science Challenge a success.