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Science World Speaker Series

KPU & Science World Speaker Series

Next Talk The War in Our Genes Date Oct 9, 2019
Speaker Mikael Mokkonen, KPU Biology/SFU Biological Sciences Presentation 7:00pm
Location Science World Doors Open 6:00pm

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Science World Speaker Series

Before the talk begins, join us in a set of interactive, hands-on activities and scientific demonstrations related to the presentation! Talks begins at 7pm, doors open at 6pm, unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday, Oct 9, 2019

The War in Our Genes

Speaker: Mikael Mokkonen, KPU Biology/SFU Biological Sciences

The modern world poses many challenges to human health through new diseases and a rapidly aging population. This modern environment is quite different from the ancestral environment in which humans originally evolved, thus creating a mismatch that may be responsible for a variety of disorders and diseases. This talk will discuss how conflicts of interest in our genomes, mismatches between our genes and our environment, as well as trade-offs between life stages have allowed common diseases and disorders such as pre-eclampsia, cancer, diabetes and even aging to affect modern humans.​

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