Email Consent


Coming soon: Office 365 email

Beginning June 6, KPU will be providing a new Microsoft-supported cloud-based email service to all students, with a number of great benefits, including 50GB of email storage, calendaring, and mobile device compatibility. We are pleased to add that the new email system offers enhanced information security measures, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit+ encryption. 

Where will information be stored?

As the Office 365 servers are located outside of Canada, information stored on them may be subject to foreign privacy laws (including the US Patriot Act), which may not contain the same privacy protections as the laws in Canada.  We are working with Microsoft to move KPU Office 365 to datacentres located in Canada as soon as they become available. For more information on Microsoft’s Canadian datacentres please click here. In the meantime, to ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, KPU requires student to consent to the storage of any personal information contained within their new KPU email accounts outside of Canada.

Your consent is requested

Students will not be issued a new KPU email account without first consenting. Students who do not wish to provide consent may instead provide an alternative personal email address to communicate with KPU, however, be advised that alternative platforms such as Gmail and Yahoo also utilize foreign servers, and content stored there will similarly be subject to the same foreign privacy laws. Please also note that using personal email means that KPU is unable to back-up or migrate email on other servers or provide technical email support to users outside the KPU system. 
We hope you will consent and take advantage of the many benefits of KPU’s enhanced email service to students.

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